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I had planned to write an entry about something I feel the need to get across but it is too late. I have to wake at 5am. I have grad classes from 8am-7pm. My university is an hour away on top of it. 10 hours of information all in one day but it is my […]

God is great!

I prayed very hard today….I had a phone call I had to make. A very important phone call that took me over an hour to finally do because I was such a nervous mess. For an hour I prayed to God to give me strength I needed it and believe me I was leaning on […]

Life is good!

I left this morning for my MSW orientation. I arrived at 8am and it went until 4pm. It was a long day but I got to know many other MSW students in the program at Aurora University. I really like the campus. It is small but beautiful. It is also nice to be taking it […]


It has been awhile since I last posted. I had just begun my summer grad classes and I must say going from 1-10pm Tue/Thursday can be a lot. It sure did fly by though. I worked a double today and will be doing the same tomorrow morning and Sunday. I have so much on my […]

A glimps of summer 2008

Crazy how they can turn photos into an image on a cake Around a campfire during grad party. My sister is to my left and my friend Stephanie is next to me. Taking a late night walk down to the beach with Stephanie. Younger sister and the dog at the beach late at night. My […]


I have learned a very important life lesson I want to pass on to others that may have not discovered it yet and I talk much about it in my second book. There are things in life we cannot control. So often we are trying to control things we cannot and there comes a point […]


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