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March 22, 1998

Everyone can recall where they were when they learned the news of 9/11. Those that are old enough can recall where they were when they heard JFK had been killed. Life changing moments. For most March 22, 1998 was just another day. For me it was a day that changed my life. That morning my mother […]

48 Years Behind Bars for teacher that Sexually Abuse 4 Girls

A Maryland teacher will spend the 48 years behind bars after sexually abusing 4 girls over 15 years. In 2016 during a personal body presentation  a 12 year old girl disclosed during the presentation that her teacher was sexually abusing her. Everything changed in February 2016, when the girl’s fifth-grade class had a lesson on […]

Federal Funding Update

Message from US Senator Gillibrand office. Senator Gillibrand was the sponsor of Erin’s Law. The funding for Title IV-A of the Every Student Succeeds Act was allocated to States on July 1, 2017. It provides $400M nationally. States now have the authority to either: (1) distribute the funds within state to school districts according to […]


I’m very excited to announce that soon you will be seeing a new look to the Erin’s Law website! It will have a new layout along with more resources and news within a few months.  I’ve also started to add more information on the Erin’s Law organization that will be included on the new site. […]


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September 18, 2012

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