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A word I hate to be identified with

Last night I went to dinner with a childhood friend I met ten years ago this month. She was one of the girls I met through the Children’s Advocacy Center in a group I was in. The greatest thing that came out of that group was the friendships I developed many of which I still […]

The New Year…2009

I am truly happy to close the door on 2008 and welcome in the new year of 2009. What does a new year bring? I look at it as a fresh start or a new door opening. Another chapter of our lives to begin. Reflecting back on 2008 it immediately started off in January 12 […]

Merry Christmas!

I hope this holiday season is filled with love and happiness. I know for so many holidays can be bittersweet. While many think of it as a joyous time there are many in our world who are without their loved ones this year who may have passed away, live too far to visit and cannot […]

Snow day

This is what you get when you live in the Midwest. Mornings digging your car out of snow, leaving for work an hour early and still being late, taking two hours to get home instead of a half hour. The plus side to living with all the white fluff of snow came yesterday when two […]


This is going to be short.. I am already late for work! Check out article on website.. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

No time

15 years later 1993 Lake Geneva, Wisconsin June 1993 Last Day of School! It has been a few weeks since I posted anything. I have been swamped. Work at the high school is consuming me. I am writing long social development studies on students. I have to get 4 more done by Dec. 17th. It […]

Lost child

I arrived at my University in Aurora this morning around 8:30 a.m. As I was walking down the sidewalk by the street I noticed a very young child walking all by herself. She looked confused and kept looking around. She had just come from crossing the street and was now on the sidewalk in front […]

Rollercoaster of emotions

I know I have not been updating very regular and that is because I have been swamped writing grad papers and writing social histories on students I see for upcoming meetings. It takes me staying up past my bedtime to find time to blog. I have some exciting news I have been waiting some time […]

Peace= Sand, Waves, Sun

There is a theme throughout my next book I refer to and it is what beaches have represented in my life. I grew up as a baby playing on the shores of beaches. Every summer since I was one year old has been spent in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Throughout my childhood I would go visit […]

The story remembered behind a photo

You often here survivors of sexual abuse talk about the term “flashbacks” I describe my experience throughout my memoir Stolen Innocence about the flashbacks I have experienced of the sexual abuse I endured. It is an experience of going from present day to suddenly images and sounds flash before your face in your memory making […]


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