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Peace= Sand, Waves, Sun

There is a theme throughout my next book I refer to and it is what beaches have represented in my life. I grew up as a baby playing on the shores of beaches. Every summer since I was one year old has been spent in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Throughout my childhood I would go visit […]

The story remembered behind a photo

You often here survivors of sexual abuse talk about the term “flashbacks” I describe my experience throughout my memoir Stolen Innocence about the flashbacks I have experienced of the sexual abuse I endured. It is an experience of going from present day to suddenly images and sounds flash before your face in your memory making […]

4 years of speaking out!

A journey through some of the many photos I have taken over the past four years since I began this journey of speaking out 4 years ago this week. While I may have changed in appearance over the past four years my dedication to this mission has not and I only look forward to the […]


This morning in church my pastor Bill Hybels talked about how as Christians we can influence our spiritual beliefs towards people we know without pushing them away. He talked about people that are far from God that we know either have pushed themselves away from God because of something difficult they are facing or have […]

Cape Cod in photos

At the Podium before I spoke In the middle of my speech! Signing books! Some of the wonderful ladies that work at the Children’s Cove CACI was told Lenny was the janitor but then I was told he was the forensic interviewer… I think I will agree with the janitor roll…so kidding Lenny! 🙂 I […]

So much to say

I have so much to say about my trip to Cape Cod but I will save it for later. It is a little past 1am here and I got up at 5am my time 6am Cape Cod time this morning. My flight did not land until 9pm where I met my sister who flew in […]

I am in Cape Cod, MA

After a 2 hour flight to Warwick RI I landed last night at 7pm. Only to learn I had 70 mile drive with my rental car to Cape Cod MA…it was quiet a night drive but gave me a lot of time to think about todays event. I am driven to get this message across […]

Break your silence here….

Anyone who knows me knows my biggest crusade. The crusade to break the silence of sexual abuse. Help warn society of how big of an epidemic it really is and help survivors break their silence and find their voice. So now I ask you all of those out there that know me to share with […]

South Carolina-Columbia

I write this from an airport here in Columbia, S.C. I am waiting for my flight back to Chicago. It has been such a busy week. Tuesday that all important day so much closure to a past I never thought I would get closure to and an outcome that I never expected. Coming face to […]


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