Is my donation tax-deductible?

Erin’s Law is a 501c4 nonprofit established in 2012. Donations are not tax deductible

A child you care about is being abused but the courts are continuing to allow the person accused of abusing the child to see them. What can Erin do?

Erin cannot help assist you in your own personal legal situations. If you do some research you may come upon pro-bono attorneys that can help you fight that battle.

What happens when Erin’s Law is passed in a state?

Each state has a different approach depending on language of the law. Some states require it begin to be taught the start of the new school year. Other states allow state board of education to give schools a year to prepare for implantation.

Erin’s Law has passed in your state and it is not being taught in your school?

Speak to your school principal first and ask what is being done to teach Erin’s Law in the school. Then take it to the school board and superintendent if you don’t get answers. If you are still not getting answers take it to the state board of education.

How do I know if a sex offender lives in my community?

Go to the national sex offender registry, where you can search your entire state, town, or specific name.

How do you bring Erin to come speak at your event?

Contact her at erin@erinslaw.org

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