For Children

If you’re a student that has experienced any form of abuse you are not alone and this is not your fault. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You would be surprised how many of your peers have experienced similar abuse. If you have not told anyone you need to tell immediately a safe trusted adult. Think of people in your life that care about you and you trust. That could be a parent, teacher, relative, school counselor or principal, someone in your church, family friend, or coach. If it is too difficult to talk about it you can write a letter explain what has or is happening to you and give it to a trusted adult. You can also immediately contact police by calling 911. If you report your abuse and it does not stop report it to another adult in your life. Do not keep it a secret even if you are threatened to and told no one will believe you. You will be believed.

If you have a friend or family member that has told you that they are being abused and have told you not to tell anyone you must not keep it a secret and report it immediately. They may be up upset at first but they will not stay mad at you forever.

You can call the National Sexual Assault hotline at 1-800-656-4673 to speak to someone. You can also talk to someone online at All free services.

Finally get help. Talking about your abuse is difficult however it is the best thing for you in healing your life. Keeping it in will only slow the process with moving forward. A therapist with experience working with survivors is the best place to start. Make sure you feel comfortable with the therapist you work with. Just because you see one doesn’t mean you have to stick with seeing that therapist. They will not be offended and will be understanding. Group therapy is also something to look into. I highly recommend keeping a journal.

I can promise you it does get better with time. Healing doesn’t happen overnight. I am living proof you can move forward and find happiness in your life again.

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