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If you even suspect that a child is a victim of sexual abuse, please report it immediately. A sexual assault of a child or adult is a criminal act.

Call 911 for police and/or paramedic assistance if the situation is an emergency.  An emergency is a situation where a child faces an immediate risk of assault that could result in death or serious harm.

If a child has made an outcry of abuse to you, always believe him or her. Statistics show that children rarely lie about such an intense and painful act. By believing the child and reporting the abuse, you will reaffirm the trust the child has in adults to protect him or her.

For non-emergencies, call either:

RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) is the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. It created and operates their Hotline in partnership with more than 1,100 local rape crisis centers across the country. RAINN also carries out programs to prevent sexual violence, help victims and ensure that rapists are brought to justice.

The Child Abuse Hotline is dedicated to the prevention of child abuse. Serving the United States, its territories and Canada, the Hotline is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with professional crisis counselors who can provide assistance through interpreters in 170 languages. The Hotline offers crisis intervention, information, literature, and referrals to thousands of emergency, social service and support resources. All calls are anonymous and confidential. The Child Abuse Hotline crisis counselors can’t make the child abuse report for you, but are there to help you through it. State Hotlines operate in similar fashion.

In most states, call CPS (Child Protective Services) if you want them to investigate suspected child sexual abuse within 24 hours. If timeliness is not a factor, you may be able to make a report online.

If you are a parent, we strongly encourage you NOT to contact CPS directly. Contact a professional who regularly has direct contact with children for help and let him/her make the call. CPS prefers to receive reports from more objective third parties, especially professionals such as teachers, doctors, nurses, therapists and police. Generally, initial investigations of child neglect/abuse are performed by CPS. Law enforcement is called in if CPS suspects abuse/neglect and needs additional help.

Please be aware that CPS is generally swamped with investigations and it may take a while before you hear back from them. Parents are welcome to call case workers and supervisors for information but they may not have the answers that parents want when they want them.

Do not call a Children’s Advocacy Center to report child abuse/neglect. Such facilities are designed so professionals can meet together as a group to interview a child, thereby eliminating the need for the child victim to have to tell his/her story more than once. They are not open to the public.

After CPS has investigated a case, they may request assistance from CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). CASA volunteer case workers serve as voices in court for children removed from homes due to abuse/neglect. They also meet regularly with the children to determine their needs. Do not call CASA for assistance with abused or neglected children.

In most if not all states, professionals – everyone who has direct contact with children in their positions of employment – are required to make reports within 48 hours of any incidents when they suspect abuse, neglect or exploitation of children has occurred. A professional may not delegate to or rely on another person to make the report.

Sign of Child Sexual Abuse

If your child is suddenly exhibiting any of these signs, he or she may have been sexually abused:

  • Changes in behavior: withdrawal, fearfulness, crying without provocation
  • Night sweats with screaming or shaking, and nightmares
  • Regression to more infantile behavior: bed-wetting, thumb sucking
  • Loss of appetite or other eating problems
  • Poorly explained injuries: bruises, rashes, cuts, genital pain or bleeding
  • Sudden reluctance to be alone with a certain person
  • Unusual interest in or knowledge of sexually related matters; inappropriate expression of affection
  • Changes in school performance and attendance
  • Lack of personal care or hygiene, such as consistently dirty or severe body odor
  • Engaging in high-risk activities such, as using drugs or alcohol or carrying a weapon

Some signs that a child is experiencing sexual abuse are more obvious than others. Trust your instincts. Suspected abuse is enough of a reason to contact the authorities.

Adults Who Are Child Abuse Survivors

If you like Erin Merryn and thousands of others were sexually abused as a child, but you don’t know what to do or where to get help, please consider following these steps as outlined by Wade, a male adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse who appeared on Dr. Phil’s show.

  • Be totally honest with yourself about the abuse and then talk about it.
  • Let yourself off the hook, because it was not your fault. Even if you feel like you participated, it was not your fault.
  • Write about your feelings on a daily basis.
  • Find a therapist who you trust.
  • Find a support group that you feel at home with. When you go, be open and share your thoughts and feelings.
  • Say the words, “I was sexually abused, molested, raped, or sexually assaulted,” until the words lose their power.
  • Forgive the past and let it all go. The good stuff, the bad stuff and the really ugly stuff –everything! Let go of everything about the past.
  • If you fell into negative behaviors because of your past, forgive that too. That was just the way you learned to cope with your pain.
  • Include God in your healing process. He saw it all when it occurred and hates it like you do, but he can heal you, if you let him.
  • Dig deep to find the courage, strength and determination to love for yourself.

Programs – Alphabetical

Bravehearts is the leader in personal safety education in Australia, offering a range of programs targeted at children from foundation early years right through to high school. Our programs are professionally developed according to the learning needs of each specific age group and are highly trusted and acclaimed by teachers and parents nationwide.
Don’t forget that teaching personal safety is only one part of providing a safe environment for the students in your care; teachers, parents and non-teaching staff must also be trained in child protection in order for your school community to meet best practice.
Visit the Training section of our website to learn more about how Bravehearts can work with your school to tailor a training package that will help to strengthen its child protection culture.
Our Mission is to prevent child sexual assault in our society.
Our Guiding Values are to, at all times, do all things to serve our Mission with uncompromising integrity, respect, energy and empathy ensuring fairness, justice, and hope for all children and those who protect them.
Bravehearts aims to halve this number by 2020 with its child protection blueprint – The 3 Piers to Prevention:


All children receive effective personal safety education.


All adults are training, aware and motivated.


All systems of community and government engage effectively; adequate specialist counseling is available for all those harmed by sexual assault.

The 3 Piers to Prevention is a culmination of 19 years intensive research into how to reduce the incidence and ultimately, prevent the occurrence of child sexual assault. It forms the solid foundations to making Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child. Measurement criteria include personal safety in schools and childcare, mandatory reporting requirements, child protection policies, training and awareness programs, counseling services, inquiries, reviews and sentencing laws.

Focusing on prevention

Prevention occurs when a child ceases to become a victim – when the child uses their skills to avoid being harmed. It occurs when adults are aware and believe the disclosures of children and respond appropriately. Prevention occurs when businesses and individuals change the way they deal with child sexual assault. Prevention is in the best interests and safety of our children and is our first priority. This high quality, invaluable resource can be purchased online for ONLY $149 for the complete pack, including delivery to anywhere in Australia. To purchase for your own or your school’s resource library.

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tel: 204 945.4415
fax: 204 948.2461

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CAP is not just a curricula but a best practices prevention program implemented by local advocates who desire to protect children and strengthen families. With worldwide projects, CAP has globally trained over ten million children (grades pre-k through 12th), parents and teachers to prevent peer violence, bullying and adult sexual abuse and exploitation.

CAP projects are empowerment centers that work closely with the local school districts, parents, home school groups, and the community – providing them strengthening strategies driven by CAP’s motto that

“All Children Deserve to Be Safe, Strong and Free”. Learn how to become a CAP Project at and

Our mission is to help ensure the personal safety of children and youth through increased awareness, education, advocacy and action. Our program covers K-12th grade. We also offer a faith based program. Our goal is to prevent all forms of child victimization by teaching families, professionals and other community members how to recognize, interrupt and report inappropriate behaviors and situations. CLP/TLP helps children and teens stay safe from sexual abuse, harassment, abduction, drugs and bullying/cyberbullying. This is accomplished through:

For more information please contact Rosemary ( or Jennifer (

Phone: 1-800-552-2197.

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Child Safety Matters/Teen Safety Matters

MBF Child Safety Matters® (for grades K-5) and MBF Teen Safety Matters®(for grades 6-12) are evidence-based/evidence-informed prevention education programs created by The Monique Burr Foundation for Children. MBF’s comprehensive primary prevention programs educate and empower children and teens with information and strategies to prevent, recognize, and respond to the four types of abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, and neglect), exploitation, trafficking, bullying, digital dangers, and other types of child victimization.

All MBF Prevention Education Programs are comprehensive, age and developmentally appropriate, and are practical and easy to implement in just two lessons (35 – 55 minutes each or four shorter lessons). Trained facilitators use turnkey scripts and fun and engaging PowerPoints that include lecture, group discussion, skills-practice activities, videos, and games.

MBF programs have been reviewed and are supported by many national experts, and they are trusted by many schools and parents. The programs are currently being utilized in 21 states and 3 countries. They have been delivered to more than 3.5 million children by 3,000 facilitators since 2010. In addition to prevention education programs, MBF provides parents/guardians, professionals, and concerned community members with a variety of other resources to help them better protect children, including four free one-hour, online trainings:

  • Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Real World Safety: Protecting Youth Online and Off. A Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Digital Safety course.
  • Protecting Children from Child Sexual Abuse
  • Preventing, Recognizing, and Responding to Human Trafficking

MBF also provides programs for youth athletes (MBF Athlete Safety Matters®) and for after school programs and youth serving organizations (MBF After-School Safety Matters™).

For more information, please visit or contact MBF at info@MBFpreventioneducation.orgor (904) 642-0210.

Stacy Pendarvis, MSW, MA | Program Director


Phone: 904-562-1845 | Cell: 904-671-4177

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The Commit to Kids program is a step-by-step plan to help child-serving organizations reduce the risk of child sexual abuse and create safer environments for the children in their care.

The Commit to Kids program kit is priced at $75 (CAD) in 2017. As a complement to the kit, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection offers a Commit to Kids online training course, designed for individuals who are working with children, either through employment or on a volunteer basis and is available for $12 (CAD) per person (as per 2017 pricing). Specialized group/organization rates are available – inquire by email:

For more information contact:

Karyn Kibsey | Manager, Training and Education


615 Academy Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3N 0E7


tel: 204 945.4415

fax: 204 948.2461

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Health World Keeping Kids Safe

Synopsis: The Keeping Kids Safe program series spans K-8thgrade.  The video lesson teaches students age-appropriate sexual abuse prevention and personal body safety education. Students will learn the difference between safe and unsafe touches, safe and unsafe secrets, and how to define consent. Students will learn that the body often gives warning signals, “Uh-Oh feelings”, when something feels uncomfortable or wrong and that they should tell a safe adult about those feelings. Students will learn the Safety Rule about Touching, what parts of their body are private (those covered by a swimsuit) and how to assertively say no and tell a safe adult if the safety rule is broken. These programs emphasizes that children are the bosses of their own body, they have the right to say who touches their body, and that it is never their fault if something bad or hurtful happens. The Keeping Kids Safe programs further instill the importance of the Safety Rule about Touching to help children recognize sexual abuse. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate how to say no and tell a safe adult about uncomfortable feelings and touches through activities and role-play.

Topics Covered

  • Safe & Unsafe Touches
  • The Safety Rule about Touching (Nobody should touch your private parts unless to keep you clean or healthy)
  • Safe & Unsafe Secrets
  • “Uh-Oh Feelings” (body’s warning signals)
  • Safe & Unsafe Adults
  • How to Speak up and Tell a Safe Adult
  • Consent
  • Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse

Recommended Audience: Grades K – 2, 3rd-5th, and 6-8th grade programs

Cost:  Access to Keeping Kids Safe is $75 for a one-year license. The program may also be purchased as part of an “Elementary Bundle” which provides a one-year license to access seventeen (17) health education elementary, Pre-k-5, 6-8th grade programs for $500/year.”

Programs include: Keeping Kids Safe, An Erin’s Law program, Clean Machine, Sensational Senses, Staying Healthy, MyPlate, MyBody and Accepting Yourself & Others.

For questions or more information –  Health World  at

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The Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC) offers three professionally-produced, video-based child protection curricula—one geared exclusively to parents and children. This curricula includes Keeping Your Children Safe in the Real and Virtual World (22 minutes), helping parents understand the realities of child abuse and empowering them with the language and tools to talk to their children about personal safety, and You Are Not Alone (10 minutes), a program for children ages 8-14. The children’s video covers the basics of personal safety in both the real and virtual world including what makes for a safe home, how to identify an inappropriate touch to their body, who to talk to if something happens to them or someone they care about ad the dangers of sharing personal information online through social media or cell phones. The Parent/Child curriculum package costs $179 for organizations and includes a hard-copy DVD, supplemental pocket guide, and one-year of access to our online resource portal including online pre-and post-testing, facilitator support, downloadable handouts and a deluxe program guide. Users can also send invitations for the training to be completed online as part of the organizational purchase. Please contact Dianna Smoot at or visit the DCAC website for more information.

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Darkness to Light is a nonprofit organization with the mission to empower adults to prevent child sexual abuse through awareness, education, and stigma reduction. Their flagship prevention training, Stewards of Children®, is an evidence-informed, award-winning training that teaches adults to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. Darkness to Light also provides additional training opportunities on topics ranging from talking to kids about abuse to the commercial sexual exploitation of children. More than 1.5 million adults have been trained by Darkness to Light and their network of 10,000 volunteers.

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Kids in the Know is the Canadian Centre for Child Protection’s interactive safety education program designed for students from Kindergarten to Grade 9. The purpose of the program is to help educators teach children and youth effective personal safety strategies in an engaging, age-appropriate and interactive way that builds resiliency skills and reduces their likelihood of victimization in the online and offline world. It is research and evidence-based, balances empowerment with protection, communicates without value statements, builds from past experiences, involves activity-based learning, and facilitates important discussions about personal safety without the use of fear.

The program is used in thousands of schools across Canada and has received the nationally-recognized Curriculum Services of Canada seal of approval. Lessons are matched to outcomes mandated by Departments of Education in all jurisdictions across Canada. Topics include healthy relationships, safe and responsible use of technology, addressing high-risk behavior, picture permanence online, as well as building capacity to handle difficult situation and knowing when to seek help.

Kids in the Know can be purchased for an individual grade level program or as kits with all supporting resources. In 2017 prices ranged from $35 (CAD) for an individual grade program to $310 (CAD) for a full kit from Kindergarten to Grade 10 with all supporting resources (lessons, activity sheets, posters, puppets, storybooks, etc.) Each lesson is designed to work in classroom setting – where time spent on the lesson and activities can be adjusted as needed. On average, a grade level will consist of 6-8 lessons, each with a delivery time of approximately 45 minutes.

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Since 1989, Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International (Kidpower) has been a global nonprofit leader in abuse prevention and personal safety education. Kidpower provides an experiential curriculum for teaching child protection skills to adults and social safety skills to young people from preschool through college. These skills help children and teens k-12th grade including those with special needs, reduce their risks of abuse, bullying, and other interpersonal violence, and help adult leaders create school cultures of safety and respect. Schools implement the Kidpower curriculum in many ways that range from our free Kidpower Safety Minutes, to books such as the Kidpower Safety Comics and Safety Lessons, to a set of six Kidpower Teaching Books with cartoon-illustrated lessons for both younger and older children for $120. Grade-level packages with twelve 20 -to 30-minute lessons, follow-up activities and take home materials for parents will be available fall 2017, as well as online training videos. Certified Kidpower instructors are available in some locations to deliver more comprehensive training including workshops for students, training of professional staff, and parent education. These school-based lessons are aligned with state education standards. We also offer certified Kidpower instructor training, a three-day Child Protection Advocates Training Institute, and long-distance coaching through Skype, phone, and email. The cost and time varies depending on the level of services and materials that are used. Access our free Kidpower Safety Resource Library at For more information about custom school packages, contact or visit the Kidpower website.

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The Stay KidSafe! program is a K-5 program created by child sexual abuse professionals of the KidSafe Foundation, established in 2009.  Stay KidSafe! is a research based primary prevention education curriculum designed specifically for teachers, school counselors, and other qualified educators to implement directly to their students in the classroom.

Topics Covered: This empowering program teaches students, K-5, skills of personal safety such as: assertiveness, healthy body boundaries, safety strategies, digital safety, consent, safe touch and unsafe touch, good secrets and bad secrets, accessing help from trusted adults, recognizing red flag behavior, all taught through a social emotional learning lens.

Cost: The Stay KidSafe! program is free to all qualified schools and districts, funded by generous donations of supporters across our nation.


The Stay KidSafe! program is accessible through an online platform where the facilitator will find all of the materials needed to implement the program.

Lesson Plans: which include standards and benchmarks

Lesson Guides: an interactive lesson script which includes all discussions, activities, games, and role-plays

3D Animations: Each new protective skill is introduced to the students through an animation. The KidSafe characters set the tone for the learning. They are empowered with skills and their safety voices, modeling for students throughout the K-5 years.

Stay KidSafe! for Educators: An eLearn training for all school staff providing necessary knowledge about child sexual abuse, child trafficking, and educator sexual misconduct and the role educators play in prevention.

Stay KidSafe! is an age and developmentally appropriate curriculum, designed to be easily implemented by qualified educators. K- 2 has 4 lessons each (30 minutes lessons) 3 – 5 has 2 lessons (45 minutes each). 

In addition to programs for children, The KidSafe Foundation provides adult trainings, live and online for all parents and professionals working with children. Notably our specialized training for camp staff, CampSafe®.

For questions:

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Mobile County Public Schools Personal Safety Curriculum is a free program to anyone to use. A parent and community awareness/education program is offered between Mobile County public schools, Child Advocacy Center, and the junior League. This program will positively impact the community now and in the future. Curriculum covers K-5th grade. The Personal Safety Curriculum contains the goal of the program, basic concepts, student learning objectives and background information for teachers. The guide is divided into 4 teaching units. A pre-and post-test is included for the use at designated grade levels to assess student awareness of problems specifically related to sexual abuse. Many lessons utilize videos or pictures which help students develop concepts. Each lesson contains several activities. These lessons may be incorporated into the existing science, health, physical education curricula.

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Why is the Children’s Advocacy Center model so important?  How does it make a difference for child victims of abuse?  At its core, the model is about teamwork – bringing the agency professionals involved in a case together on the front end – and about putting the needs of the child victim first.  So rather than having a child taken from agency to agency throughout the law enforcement and child protection systems, and having to endure multiple, sequential interviews, the CAC model brings the system to the child, and brings the agency professionals together to work in a collaborative approach that results in effective, efficient  and child-centered casework.

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Play it Safe!®  is an Evidence Informed, specialized, age appropriate child sexual abuse risk reduction program for children ages pre-school through 12th grade, as well as their parents, teachers and caregivers. Each grade level program includes an age appropriate video and script. Pre-K through 2nd grade also includes Joe and Suzy dolls with bathing suits on under their clothing to illustrate children’s’ private parts. Coloring books come with Pre-K through 2nd grade programs so that parents can reinforce the concepts at home. Taught one classroom at a time, each grade level’s program, from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade, speaks to children in a way they can best learn and respond. Play It Safe!™ reduces risk by teaching children to identify abusive behavior, and provides tools children need to be safe including specific, age appropriate actions to take in threatening situations. It also provides a safe forum for children to outcry and disclose abuse, trains care-giving adults to recognize possible signs of child sexual victimization and to take the necessary steps to support a child’s outcry and recovery. Each grade level program can be purchased as a hard copy with DVD and Script or online only. The cost for Pre-K through 2nd grade hard copies, which also includes online streaming for a year, cost $299 each. They come with a set of Joe and Suzy dolls and 25 coloring books in either English or Spanish. Online cost for these grade levels is $199. Joe, Suzy and coloring books are included in online purchases too. All other programs, 3rd grade through high school, are $199 each for hard copies of the curriculum and $149 for online programs only. There is a yearly license renewal fee of $25 to continue online streaming for each program purchased after the first year. The total hard copy cost for all 14 programs is $3,186 plus shipping. For online purchases only, the total cost for the entire set of 14 programs is $2,286. Each program is a stand-alone presentation.

Diane Mayfield, M.Ed.

Play it Safe!® Sales Coordinator

1723 Hemphill • Fort Worth, Texas • 76110

Office 817-927-4006 • Fax 817-869-5131

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radKIDS® does not tell your child what we hope they will do, we actually teach, train and empower children with real skills so they can recognize, avoid, resist, and if necessary escape violence or harm in their lives. Education is the only thing that can change fear into power and radKIDS® can and does give children opportunity and power to live safer in our world today.

– CEO/Director of Training and Education radKIDS Inc 501c3 Educational

radKIDS® Curriculum topics include:

  • radKIDS® Revolutionary Bullying Prevention Program that is WORKING today: “Taught Through the Eyes of a Child”
  • Preventing/Stopping Predator Tricks including Physical Resistance Strategies against Abduction
  • Internet Safety
  • Personal Touch and Personal Space Safety (Uncomfortable/Unwanted Touch) Featuring “Sam’s Secret”
  • Home, School, Out & About Safety (Parks, Fairs, Playgrounds, Beaches, Stores, Malls) all Through the Eyes of the Child


The radKIDS® Personal Empowerment Safety Education program is a 10-hour family centered safety education program that emphasizes essential decision-making skills as well as physical resistance options to escape violence. radKIDS® is a life skills educational model that enhances natural instincts with real skills while increasing the foundational resiliency skills we all need to not only survive but excel. Children from 5-13 years of age participate in the program with their adult partners to create a true safety partnership.

Stephen M. Daley
Executive Director radKIDS®
Office Phone: 508-760-2080
Cell Phone: 508-2216947

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ROAR is The CARE Center’s child-based and research-based education program teaching children ages 4-8 how to protect themselves from abuse. The interactive and easy to implement lesson is free for Oklahoma county schools and organizations, and is designed to be taught in a classroom or group setting. A lion named Rex and a highly trained facilitator take children on journey to find their ROAR. ROAR is a simple and memorable acronym, teaching children that their bodies are their own and empowers children to stand up against abuse. Take home materials reinforce learning and continue the Rules of ROARing conversation. On average, a ROAR lesson lasts between 20 and 30 minutes and can be taught as often as you’d like.

The rules of ROARing are simple:

R: Remember, Privates are Private

O: Okay to Say No

A: Always Talk About Secrets

R: Raise Your Voice and Tell Someone

ROAR is available for license by companies, agencies, schools, and organizations and provides high-value content to educate children on personal body safety, enabling children to speak up against abuse. The licensed curriculum package includes tools like program guide, co-branded electronic course materials for print, and established outcome measurement tools. Course materials include a giant Rex with accessories, ROAR Teacher Guides, ROAR Parent Guides, ROAR posters, ROAR coloring sheets, ROAR badges, and more! 

The CARE Center makes it simple for your organization to license and implement the ROAR program. Training takes one hour and can be conducted via teleconference. The cost for the program is $3,000 for three years. Our goal is to help you educate children, so we are flexible with payments while offering plans with the ability to discuss modifications. Just ask! We are here to help.

 Organization Contact Information:

Shelby Lynch
Director of Education
Office: 405-236-2100

1403 Ashton Place
Oklahoma City, OK 73117

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Committee for Children

The Second Step Suite provides a simplified approach for schools to create and sustain safe, supportive learning environments that optimize budgets and results. Our fully integrated framework effectively combines social-emotional learning with bullying prevention and child protection to form a cohesive foundation for whole-school success.

Skills for Social and Academic Success

Early Learning–Grade 8
  • Research-based, sequenced curriculum teaches essential life and learning skills.
  • Media-rich content engages students and reinforces positive behavior.
  • Fully scripted lessons are easy to integrate into the day.
  • Take-home materials bolster family engagement and support.
  • Interactive training expedites implementation and alignment.

Child Protection Unit

Working Together to Keep Kids Safe from Abuse

Early Learning–Grade 5
  • Robust training helps develop child protection policies and procedures.
  • Online training shows how to recognize and respond to signs of abuse.
  • Age-appropriate lessons teach students clear rules about touching safety.
  • Scripted lessons help teachers and counselors know what to say.
  • Family materials extend support to the home.

Lesson Notebook and Staff Training

Early Learning, Kindergarten, Grade 1-5 $199.00
Early Learning and Graders K-5 bundle $1,279
Grades K-5 bundle $1,099

For more information:
Phone: 800.634-4449
Joan Duffell (

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The Sexual Assault Risk Reduction Curriculum was a collaborative project funded by a grant from the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) and is available for free on this web site. The curriculum was specifically developed to reduce the incidence of adolescent sexual assault through risk-reduction educational strategies. It is a powerful tool to assist school personnel, police, and community agency staff in their efforts to implement high-quality educational programs.
The curriculum includes lessons for high school and middle school aged youth. The lessons can be used in either school or non-school settings, such as health clinics, after-school programs, youth centers and camps. We encourage agencies interested in the implementation of a sexual assault curriculum to collect their own data about sexual assault and to customize the lessons and presentations to reflect the adolescent sexual assault characteristics in their own communities.

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The curriculum is a school-based prevention and personal safety program that can be implemented by the school alone. “Education in a Box™” has 6 lessons.

Individualized Modules: Grades PreK thru 2, 3rd thru 5th, 6th thru 8th, high school, and special education programs.

Concepts Covered:

Lesson One:

Every child is special

  • Recognizing Feelings and the role they play in our safety.
  • Understand that feelings are unique to everyone & are always ok to have.
  • Learning about feelings; confused, mixed up, sad, angry.
  • The concept of having “Star Adults” in our lives- “Trusted Adults” to turn to.

Lesson Two:

Asking for help from a safe stranger

Children learn to identify Safe Strangers if lost or separated from the adult with them. Staying in a public place, when lost children should apply the skills learned in Lesson 1 by Telling a Star Adult on their Safety Star Chart how they felt.

Lesson Three:

Two is better than one. Children will learn the importance of staying together with the Grown-Up In Charge or a buddy. Children should be able to identify who the Grown-Up In Charge is in different scenarios.

Lesson Four:

Okay with the Grown-up in charge

Children should be able to understand the importance of always asking the grown-up in charge for permission before:

  1. Opening the door
  2. Answering the phone
  3. taking a gift, treat or candy from someone
  4. Getting into a car or changing locations
  5. Socializing with an adult.

Lesson Five:

My body belongs to me

In this lesson, the children should understand the difference between Safe and Unsafe touches and how a touch makes them feel. Children will learn that if a touch is confusing, it is Unsafe, and they need to tell a trusted adult. Children will learn to find a trusted adult to tell.

Lesson Six:

Safe vs. Unsafe Secrets.

Children are introduced to the concept of Safe and Unsafe secrets. Children will understand that an unsafe secret is one that makes you feel confused, icky, or bad and that can never be told. Children will understand that no one should ask them to keep a secret about their private parts.

For more info visit


PHONE: 718.408.7233

The OffenderWatch Initiative (OWI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness of registered sex offenders through education, community notification, and better relations between the public and law enforcement.
One of the ways OWI helps to inform the public that “Notification is Prevention” is through the T.A.S.K. Program. The T.A.S.K. Program is a joint effort between OWI and local School Boards and law enforcement to help parents be vigilant about offenders near them.

Phone: (985) 778-3072

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