10 months later…Erin’s Law takes off.

Ten months  ago Erin’s Law was signed by Governor Quinn. Ten months later Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed Erin’s law, and now 8 state lawmakers are looking to introduce Erin’s law in 2012. One state added just days ago with an article coming out today in Michigan. Along with Michigan bringing Erin’s law to the attention of lawmakers there is New York, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Iowa, New Mexico, Indiana, and Maine. Massachusetts has also looked at bringing it to lawmakers attention. It seems every day I am on the phone with a new state senator discussing Erin’s law and getting ready for a press release. A month from tomorrow the Erin’s Law task force will be staying the night down at the state capital of Illinois in Springfield and spending two days in a conference room putting forth a lot of work towards the final recommendations for the state of Illinois on what curriculum will be put in place and parent, teacher, administrator recommendations. I will bring chocolate to keep them all happy since I know I won’t be tempted to eat any of it. As long as their is coffee I am a happy lady.

Here is the language of Erin’s law in Illinois.

Erin’s Law Missouri

Erin Merryn was news maker of the year for ABC7 Chicago news for 2010

Erin’s Law will be news maker of the country for 2012. I won’t let  America stay silent to the silent epidemic of sexual abuse. I just got off the phone tonight with an amazing person who is going to help me in my mission of Erin’s law and believe me I trust God brought him to my attention from a friend for a reason. Mark a defense attorney from Florida who is doing national media interviews all the time said to me tonight, “Erin my wife and I got our children off to school this morning and before I went off to do 3 major network interviews we went to your website and watched one media interview after another of you and it brought so many emotions to the table for us. You have so much passion behind what you do and can get it across so well. I don’t understand why you are not on these networks every night being interviewed on Erin’s law. I am such a busy man constantly doing media interviews and being a defense attorney and there is no way I would take on something else at this point in my life but I have no doubt I was spiritually drawn to open your message among the thousands I get every week and never get a chance to respond or read. I decided to open yours and so glad that I did. I want to help you with Erin’s law in every way possible. Those ways in which he is going to help me…..you will have to wait and “Watch.”



Michigan press release on Erin’s Law



Erin’s Law Indiana press release

Erin’s Law press release in Iowa.

Erin’s Law New York press release

News on Erin’s law in New York

Maine press release on Erin’s Law

Penn State college paper Erin’s Law

Massachusetts  Erin’s Law

Time Magazine Erin’s Law

Erin’s Law moves forward in Missouri. Be sure to listen to the Senate Debate.  Great to hear a Senator who never met me have passion for what I have done. This took place Monday. http://www.missourinet.com/2011/04/25/erins-law-moves-forward-audio/

Erin Merryn Monday April 19th on Laredo, Texas Spanish news station. http://www.kldotv.com/noticia/2011/04/18/247840-erin-merryn-habla-abuso-sexual-durante-conferencia.html If you don’t know Spanish you might not be able to understand since it is done in Spanish. They translated for me since I gave up on Spanish after 8th grade. :)

Erin Merryn Radio Interview that aired April 14th on Jon Leiberman Show. (Correspondent of America’s Most Wanted) http://www.dqrm.com/shows/Leiberman/2011/leiberman-15.mp3 I just did another interview with him via Skype that will be airing soon.

Family First: What is the one thing we don’t teach our children in schools? http://familyfirst.com/what%E2%80%99s-the-one-thing-we-don%E2%80%99t-teach-our-children-in-school.html

Daily Herald Newsmaker of the Year http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20101226/news/712269921/

Lake Geneva Regional News “Silent No More”  http://www.lakegenevanews.net/Articles-i-2010-12-16-243850.114135_Silent-no-more.html

Deecan Herald http://www.deccanherald.com/content/119611/break-silence-stolen-innocence.html

Chicago Tribune http://triblocal.com/schaumburg/2010/12/07/erins-law-born-of-childhood-abuse/

Daily Herald “Erin’s Law Right For Country” http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20101206/discuss/712069873/

TIME Magazine http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,2022124-1,00.html

Schaumburg Magazine http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/dailyherald/schaumburg_20090304/

See you in 2012


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