4 years of speaking out!

A journey through some of the many photos I have taken over the past four years since I began this journey of speaking out 4 years ago this week. While I may have changed in appearance over the past four years my dedication to this mission has not and I only look forward to the months, years, decades to come as I spread my message, meet more incredible people along the way, and continue to fill my scrapbook of life with new memories of turning pain into triumph.

I passed this cup in Rhode Island airport store and could not pass it up!
It is a very powerful word that sits next to my computer and reminds me to continue to believe in my mission for it is my belief if you BELIEVE anything is possible.
It takes courage to stand up and speak out!
This picture hangs on my wall above my computer. I truly Believe I will see the Change I want to see in this world I live in. I will not give up until I do see it.
I keep my head held high looking to the skies in this journey.
Columbia, S.C. Sept. 2008

Cape Cod, M.A. Sept. 2008

People who make a difference in the lives of children!
Book Signing
Take Back the Night Oct. 2005 My young sister and I on our college campus.
Denton, Texas April 2005
5 years ago Oct. 12th, 2003 I met Pat on the streets of Chicago as I was doing the Chicago Marathon. If it were not for her I do not believe I would have finished that marathon. Another amazing woman I have met along this journey in life. May 2005 Book Signing in Chicago.
Shirt I made for clothesline project
My story in CosmoGirl Magazine Nov. 2006

Proud sisters lighting the way at TBTN!
Take Back the Night Oct. 2006 My friend Kimmy and I we were the MC all night and led the chants through the streets up to the courthouse.
Rob holding by book and Angela next to me after a trip to Chicago.
Aug. 2007
Angela starting an amazing program across America it is called
PAVE. Check it out!!!

Fox Chicago news anchor Anita Pedilla at CAC benefit Sept. 2007
Kate Snow interview for Good Morning America May-2006

Turning a house into a studio!
Bridgette- an amazing woman who came and spoke in my h.s. when I was a senior. One of those people that inspired me to go after my mission after hearing her speak. Met up with her in New York City Nov. 2005
Take Back the Night book singing Oct. 2006
Senior year Take Back the Night Oct. 2007 Western Illinois University
4 years of taking back the night on my college campus..I will be back!

Take Back the Night set up 2006
Erin Weed- Another amazing woman I have met in this journey
Check out her book “Girls Fight Back!”

The old CAC in Austin-Texas. New one opened in June 2008
November 2007-Speaking to high school students
Sisters filling sand bags for TBTN Oct. 2007
Crimes Against Children Conference Nancy used to be the Executive Director of National Children’s Alliance. Aug. 2006.
Cathy and Carol incredible women who make a difference for the children of Texas.
Texas is a great state that goes above and beyond for abused children!!!
Jennifer-Worked at the Denton CAC. She is a mommy now! 🙂
Jan. 2006
Jessica and I- She is program coordinator at Women’s Community Inc. Wausau, WI May 2006
Wausau, WI May 2006 speaking to community
Odessa TX April 2007- signing books
Odessa Tx with Harmony Homes Director April 2007
My hair is not wet I went through a phase of wanting
to see what life with dark hair would be like.
He had me laughing the entire morning in Odessa, Tx.
Carrie made it possible to bring me to Odessa Tx

April 2005 book signing Denton County Texas CAC event
Found my book in mall next to Dr. Phil books. Could not pass up taking a photo!
Speaking in Wisconsin May- 2006
Denton Texas CAC speech April 2005
Executive director of CAC’s in Texas Cathy on left and Sandra director of Austin Child Protection Center. Nov. 2006 The day we dug into fresh dirt where now a brand new center stands.
Houston CAC April 2007 with Elaine director of center.
Saginaw, MI October 2004
Sisters in Greenroom at Montel Nov. 2005
With producers of Montel after the taping Nov. 2005
Wisconsin May 2006
Book Signing Macomb, IL Oct. 2004
Houston CAC April 2007
Houston CAC speech April 2007
Saginaw, MI 2004
Dallas Crimes Against Children conference Aug. 2006
Dallas Crimes Against Children Conference
Back to Texas for a documentary- Jan. 2006
Austin Texas speech Nov. 2006
Houston speech April 2007


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