ALASKA residents please take action!!!

ALASKA residents please take action!!! Looks like several of your senators don’t want to protect children from abuse and just want to play politics instead. Erin’s Law is about to die in Alaska, which means the lives of many Alaska children’s innocence will die this year due to legislators who are playing games with their lives.
Contact Senate president Kevin Meyer and Finance Committee Co-Chair Anna MacKinnon who was the former executive director of STAR (Standing Together Against Rape) and she is standing in the way of passing this bill….Seriously stunned she would hold that title and then block a bill to give kids a voice. She should be the number one advocate of Erin’s Law and she is blocking this law.
I don’t care if you don’t live in Alaska I ask all of you to contact these two and tell them to do the right thing and PASS ERIN’S LAW.
Phone: 907-465-4945
Phone 907-465-3777


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