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ERIN ALASKANEWS: Time Running Out to Pass Erin’s Law to Address Alarming Rates of Child Sex Abuse

(ALASKA INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC COALITION) ANCHORAGE – Representative Geran Tarr (D-Anchorage) is calling on the leadership of the Senate to schedule Erin’s Law for a hearing in the Senate Finance Committee.  This important legislation will give children and teens tools to protect themselves from dating and sexual violence.  House Bill 44 is currently held up in the Senate Finance Committee and has not yet been scheduled for consideration.

“I’ve been here before.  Last year when Erin’s Law seemed poised to cross the finish line it died in the House Finance Committee,” said Rep. Tarr.  “As the budget negotiations continue, Alaskans want to know Erin’s Law won’t be subject to the same fate as last year, when Republican leaders say it was lost in the shuffle at the end of session.”

HB 44 now includes Bree’s Law to educate teens on dating violence prevention.  The law is named for Breanna Moore who was killed in June of last year in a terrible act of dating violence.  Her mother and father, Butch and Cindy Moore, have called for immediate action to make sure HB 44 passes.



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