April Fools!

So today is April 1st the day known as the day everyone gets pranks pulled on them. It is also Child Abuse Prevention Month.

The worst April fools prank ever played on me came from my younger sister 4 years ago. I was a sophomore in college living in the dorms when she called began talking to me on instant messenger that morning. It never dawned on me it was April 1st. She informed me  in instant messages that mom and dad had called her to report my dog Chance who was 10 years old at the time had ran away. Mom and Dad had spent all morning looking for him and gave up after a few hours. I immediately called my parents but they didn’t pick up their cell phones. I figured they were ignoring me because they know that dog is my life and now he was missing. I called my sister who added that Mom and Dad are probably laying out in the yard and gave up on finding the dog. She continued by saying he probably is far down the busy highway by our lake house.  She was not helping my anxiety at all only adding to it. My sister encourage me to call the animal shelter, police department to see if anyone turned a dog in or police picked one up. I got off with her and kept calling my parents leaving voicemails telling them to answer their phone and find my dog.

I called my town police and the town over police department. Both reported no reports of a dog being turned in. I called the animal shelter and got the same message of no dogs being turned in. I felt so hopeless and began to tell my sister I am driving the 4 hours home on that Sunday to find my dog. My sister was encouraging me to drive home. After calling my parents a few more times I called the neighbors across the street from my parents lake house and asked them to go over to my parents house and  tell them their daughter Erin is trying to reach them and to answer their phones ASAP. My mind is racing at this point thinking of all the worst case scenarios of  what could happen to my dog. My neighbors walked over still talking to  me on the phone and my mom said she was calling me. Just as my mom was calling me I looked down at my computer screen where my orignial coversation with my sister started on instant messenger and in all caps it said “APRIL FOOLS!”

My sister had set me up and didn’t even tell my parents. When I called them the first time they had really missed my call, then my sister reached them and told them I am playing a prank on Erin don’t pick up your cell phone I told her Chance ran away. They started telling her the joke had gone too far that I was leaving them a bunch of voicemails to stop ignoring me and find my dog.

My sister had the nerve to let me go as far as calling the police departments and animal shelters, but she wanted to take it one step farther but my parents would not let her. She wanted me to get in my car and drive 4 hours to our lake house and have my parents standing in the driveway with the dog holding a sign that says “APRIL FOOLS!”

She was terrified of me for a few weeks afraid of revenge, but I never did get her back. However her friends made up for it last year in a big way! 🙂

So there is my best April fools story.

How did you get fooled?


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