Baptism June 28

My cousin Sabrina and I made the decision to be baptized at our church on June 28th. We both were baptized as babies but made the decision to do it as adults as we feel that is a decision you should make when your older. It was a wonderful experience and I am so happy my cousin and I made this decision together. God brought the sun! Everyone being baptized was asked to write down their sins and nail them to the cross.

Sitting down and waiting for baptism to start. Over 700 people were baptized. Sabrina and I were the first to go.

Before being baptized

Becky from my Bible study came to show support along with others from our group. Becky also took all the wonderful photos. I cannot thank her enough!

Standing in the water with Tyler and Jon from church

Talking to us about the meaning of baptism

Look at all those who showed up to support or get baptized! AMAZING!

Celebrating together!

We are blessed!


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