Beautiful work environment in my favorite place

This is where I sat today and finished the Foreword to a book for a heart doctor out of Florida that wrote an incredible memoir to be published. Then I did some work on my 3rd book and took a call from my agent looking to see my schedule for two more events in possibly Michigan and New Hampshire. Now I am getting ready to go for a night swim at the same place I did my work all day. I love the life I have created for myself. To think a little over a year ago I was stuck in a basement office with no windows and never knew if it was sunny, raining, snowing, etc. It was depressing work environment. Now I get to take my work where ever I want being a writer my office can be anywhere including the beach and I get to travel the world as a national speaker and see so much.  I would not change a thing for the life of me. Now it is time for a night swim in the beautiful lake below. Took that picture last week. Have a good night!




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