A Birthday Blizzard

Dozens of states woke up this morning to a snowstorm but I don’t think anyone woke up to what people throughout Illinois got hit with. I started taking pictures last night of the blizzard that was hitting us. I was making jokes that the weathermen are trying to scare us all and it will be a big nothing. Well they were right it was a blizzard and when I woke up this morning on my birthday I realized we were snowed in. I spent the morning outside shoveling, taking pictures, and even turned on my tiny video camera and caught the aftermath of the storm I even looked down when I made it to the backyard and laughed because I could see my shadow in the snow.

We knew this storm was coming so we rented a few movies the night before and watched them today. This evening we risked it and went out in the storm to go out to dinner. The roads were horrible. We were actually surprised how bad they were since it stopped snowing by 9am and it was now 6pm. It was so crazy to see everything that is usually open closed. Every Subway, Starbucks, Department Store, etc. with the lights off. Everyone was at home and very few cars were on the road. Here we were at 5:55pm during normal rush hour during the week on the I-90 express way and there was nobody around. A few trucks, SUV’s here or there but nothing like it normally would look. The express way was clear and great to drive on however all the main streets in each town were horrible. Many not plowed or only one lane plowed. Most of the main streets were very slippery glad I have a small SUV with 4 wheel drive.

Dinner was great with the family and when we came home I made a wish (I’m not telling) and then my sister and parents had presents for me to open. Now up until then things were going great for this blizzard of a birthday but then I began to open my younger sister’s present whose birthday happens to be next weekend. Both my sisters and I were born in February. The very first thing I pulled out was this picture frame and inside it was a 5×7 black and white photo of Chance and I. It is one of my favorite photos of Chance because he has this big smile on his face. I looked at my sister and said, “This isn’t fair you can’t make me cry on my birthday.” I immediately just began crying looking at it. As most know I put Chance down at the every end of September and have only cried once since that rough week about him and that was a few weeks later in October when my dad said, “Have you adjusted to not waking up every morning and realizing you don’t have to walk the dog.” I cried and he felt horrible and was like I didn’t mean to make you cry you know he is in a better place. You did the right thing by putting him down.” I have no doubt in my mind I did the right thing putting him down and don’t regret it at all after all he made it to 14 1/2 that is old for a lab. Seeing this photo though just reminded me how happy of a dog he was and how much he meant to me from 12 years old to 25. While  she did make me cry it was a great gift that also came with 4 other black & white framed photos. I don’t know what 26 will hold as being 25 has been quite a ride. However I do know some good things are in store and there are some other things I am making some major changes on in my life including this blog and what I post. Midnight is upon me so I must get to bed. Here is a taste of the blizzard of 2011 for all you southern followers or people on the other side of the world.





101_0413The gift that had me crying.


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