Break your silence here….

Anyone who knows me knows my biggest crusade. The crusade to break the silence of sexual abuse. Help warn society of how big of an epidemic it really is and help survivors break their silence and find their voice. So now I ask you all of those out there that know me to share with me your story, or just the fact that you too are a survivor. It can be a quick reply to this post saying your a survivor or you can share with me your story. It may just help you find your voice. I constantly learn about people I grew up with as a child, in high school, college, or friends of my parents that have walked in similar shoes as me before. As the stats say 1-3 girls 1-6 boys before age 18 will be sexually abused. So break your silence with me. You all can remain anonymous without filling out your name. I would ask that you just identify yourself as a male or female. I just want to show right here in this blog alone how many people out there that I just know that have been affected by sexual abuse. I would also hope that you would share with me in your response if you have ever broken your silence or if you are still carrying the secret alone.
It is my hope people will feel safe sharing their story here without anyone knowing who they are. It is the first step in healing….finding your voice!


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