Bucket List

Did you ever see the movie “Bucket List?” A movie about two men dying of cancer and are placed in the same hospital room and one begins writing everything he wants to do before he dies. Eventually the two escape the hospital and set out to complete his bucket list together before they both die. The two travel the world, sky dive, drive a racecar, etc. I think we all have goals or lists we want to accomplish in life. I wrote on a class assingment when I was eight that I wanted to grow up and be an author. I wrote on my life autobiography when I was twelve years old that I would grow up and become a social worker. I have been following my list.
What is on your list?

My Bucket List

1) Confront my past—–Done
2) Forgive my past——Done
3) Write a published book—Done
4) Get my masters in social work—-May 10th, 2009
5) Write a children’s book
6) Fall in love and get married
7) Have 6 children
8) Adopt a child
9) Build a new home
10) Own a beach house
11) Be a stay at home mom
12) Do an interview with Oprah
13) Become a best selling author
14) Live in New York for a year
15) Appear in People Magazine
16) Ride in a hot air balloon
17) Get a law passed
18) Speak at the White House
19) Travel to New Zealand
20) Help an atheist believe in God
21) Be a founder of a summer camp
22) Ring in a New Year @ Time Square
23) Go an entire week without technology
24) Change someones life
25) Spend a night sleeping on a beach
26) Do an interview with Larry King
27) Leave enough money when I die to build a Children’s Advocacy Center
28) Go on a cruise
29) Do an interivew with Bill O’Reilly
30) Speak at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton Universities
31) Help someone discover the power of forgiveness
32) Live life with no regrets
33) Road trip across America
34) Speak at The Women’s Conference
35) Witness a miracle

To be continued…………..


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