Burning the Candle at Both Ends

My trip to New Hampshire this week was amazing! The event turned out excellent. I couldn’t ask for better weather not a cloud in the sky the entire time I was there, and the town itself was amazing. I was suppose to fly out early last night and be in Chicago by 7pm.  However while it was beautiful in New Hampshire that wasn’t the case in Chicago and my flight was delayed for hours. They kept getting our hopes up saying we would be in the air by 7pm, then it changed to 8:30pm, then they said 9:11pm. By the time I pulled in my driveway last night from New Hampshire it was a little after midnight. I was and still am exhausted! Only to have to wake up this morning and do an 8 hour training that began at 8am. So I was up by 6:30. I was dragging all day at this training where I am serving this summer at a camp for abused kids in Wisconsin. When I got home from that I unpacked my suitcase from New Hampshire and then started packing for Texas. I leave early in the morning to extremely hot Laredo, Texas which is right by Mexico. The temperatures when I am there are suppose to be 102-105. That is a big difference then the snow flurries I saw today in Chicago.

I am really starting to feel the affects from my busy traveling schedule. A week ago today I was just returning from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. That already feels like a month ago. These weeks when I travel seem so much longer then when I have a week off from traveling. I am in need of a good nights sleep which I hope I get. Now to all my FB friends that are reading this and constantly telling me on facebook to take care of myself with all my travels. No worries once I return from Texas I plan to do some major relaxing I could even go for a day at the spa! 🙂

I will upload more photos from my trip in New Hampshire tomorrow when I have a layover in Houston for a few hours.


Delayed for 5 hours

News video of me coming to Texas.


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