A Call For Action on Erin’s law

For all of those who have wanted to step up and do something about Erin’s law here is your chance. November 16th is the veto session in Illinois it lasts 6 days. I have been told by Senator Tim Bivins during veto session anything or nothing could happen. Which is why we need to act fast to make sure Erin’s law is heard by the House in Illinois and voted on. I am not concerned about convincing them on Erin’s law I know they will be in favor. A few words from me and I will have them convinced. We need to make sure it is heard and not ignored. Which is why it is going to take making some noise by supporters of Erin’s law.

I was informed to get Micheal Madigan speaker of the House of Illinois to get Erin’s law to move during veto session November 16th. We need to get his attention and make some noise which is where I need supporters of Erin’s law to make him aware of how important this law will be in educating children on sexual abuse. Writing a letter or email to him and explaining the importance of getting Erin’s law heard and voted on by the House in November. A law that I plan to take national after Illinois. We need to get it passed in Illinois first for me to make that happen which is why we need people to take action now. We have a full two months before November 16th. Overflow Michael Madigan’s mailbox and inbox about Erin’s law so that he will know exactly what Erin’s law is. His daughter Lisa Madigan is Illinois Attorney General who has fought for many long years on issues surrounding protecting children from sexual predators. I have no doubt she will support this and Michael Madigan knows how important this subject is to his daughter.

Speaker of the House Michael Madigan is the step to get Erin’s law heard and passed in November. Help me make it happen. Contact him today! Make sure to make the topic of your email Erin’s Law SB2843

Michael Madigan Speaker of the House contact him at 773-581-8000 mmadigan@hds.ilga.gov

Snail mail is the best way to reach him

Michael Madigan

6500 S. Pulaski Rd Chicago Il 60629

At this very moment millions of children are sitting in classrooms learning how to add, subtract, spell, say no to drugs, escape a tornado, stop, drop, and roll in a fire, and thousands of those children sit in silence waiting for someone to give them the message on safe touch/unsafe touch/safe secrets/unsafe secrets/how to get away and how to tell today.

Thank you for acting on this law. It will give children the voice we never had growing up in school.

-Erin Merryn-



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