Change is not only inevitable, it is essential to survival. Why fear it or fight it when you can simply embrace it?

More to come at another time and not at 1:15am. Two nights in a row blogging at the same time. I should just start scheduling my blogging time for the middle of the night. Seems to be working out right now. Tonight though I have closed my bedroom door so I don’t wake up at 7am to my 20lb cat nudging my head to get up to feed him. It’s his new habit every morning.

He doesn’t like the change I have made in his life after 6 years finally taking away his feeder and measuring his food, but sometimes there is change in our life we don’t like and must accept and embrace it even if we don’t want to. Try explaining that to a cat. Trying to add some humor bringing my cat up in this on an often difficult challenge people like myself have when it comes to change in our life.


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