Chicago Newsmaker of the Year…you vote!

This week alone I appeared on the front page of the Daily Herald twice. The Daily Herald did a total of 4 articles this week mentioning me including an article in today’s paper I did not post in pictures below. Friday I woke up surprised to see my face on the front cover of the Daily Herald as one of the top  10 newsmakers of the year. I had no idea about it. Came as a complete surprise to me. I had a mission to get my message one day on the front page of newspapers and this year alone my mission of Erin’s law has made it on the front page of many papers, several not all of which I have included below in pictures. I resigned from my full time job in May to go after Erin’s law. My efforts paid off as Erin’s law now is a signature away from the Governor to becoming a new law in Illinois. Now I need your help in sending in your votes and passing it on to your friends to send in their votes on my mission of Erin’s law being the top newsmaker of the year for Chicago land area among the other 9 I am up againast.You can read Friday’s paper below on the link to read about the other 9 people I am up against including American Idol winner Lee DeWyze.

While Lee accomplished something huge I feel protecting children from the evil in this world is far more important then watching someone rise to fame with their singing talents on a reality show. I sent in dozens of votes for Lee back in May to win American Idol. Now I ask for your votes to show Chicago land that a law protecting children from sexual abuse is the most important story of the year. All you have to do is email your votes to the email address below. You don’t have to explain why you can just put Erin Merryn in the subject and put one sentence saying Erin Merryn has my vote. It will take no more then a minute of your time.

You Decide Who Will It Be?

Help select the Daily Herald Suburban Newsmaker of the Year by e-mailing with your vote.

Post it on your facebook page, email your friends! Help shatter the silence around the subject of sexual abuse. The Daily Herald will announce towards the end of the end of the year who was voted most remarkable newsmaker of the year.

I spoke at a state conference in Wisconsin this week where I did an interview with the paper there and have been told it will be the front page story this coming week in the paper. I will be sure to post it as I continue on this mission of shattering the silence around sexual abuse.





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