Child Abuse Awareness Month

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month

It is an important month to recognize that children are being abused at this very moment and they need to be empowered to use their voice to break their silence. I broke my silence in a Children’s Advocacy Center during the month of April 13 years ago. It is also a good month to recognize the people that work to help children that have been abused. I am traveling this week to New Jersey and Pennsylvania to speak to the wonderful people that do make a difference in children’s lives. Next week I am traveling to New Hampshire and Texas to continue to shatter the silence of sexually abused children.

A year ago in April 2010 I quit my full-time job to bring national awareness to sexual abuse of children and take on Erin’s Law. A year later I have Erin’s law passed in Illinois and taking on a national mission of getting it passed in all 50 states to bring education into the schools so children will be empowered to use their voice. To further my mission of Erin’s law I  teamed up with Cord Vanderpool Foundation several months ago to help in the state of Illinois and on the national level as I reach out to the federal government and am determined to get our President’s attention on this matter. I cannot do this alone and need the help of others. One way to help is get actively involved in Erin’s law as we begin to reach out to the PTA’s in schools to spread the awareness of Erin’s law and what it will do. If you are someone that has the extra time on your hands in Illinois that came help us in this area please contact us through the foundation by clicking on Volunteer . If you cannot help us out with your time maybe you can make a donation to the foundation that will further the efforts of Erin’s Law by clicking on Donate on the website. With your donations I promise to show it is going  to fight this crusade to educate children, parents, teachers, and lawmakers and allow me to accomplish my mission of getting this law passed in all 50 states and that the best curriculum is used to educate children. The one final way you can help is a letter I will be posting here that will be to the President. It is a letter I will ask everyone to print off, sign, and mail on the same day. My vision is to flood the White House with thousands of letters in support of Erin’s law nationally. President Obama cannot ignore Erin Merryn forever. He has one tough determined lady who won’t stop until she accomplishes what she is after.

Recognize April as Child Abuse Prevention Month and make a donation to go towards the protection, education, and prevention of child abuse. If sexual abuse has not impacted you directly in some way watch this video and let it be a reminder that I  suffered at the hands of two sex offenders who killed the innocence and trust I carried in this video but that sweet, honest,  innocent voice I have not lost and it will continue to lead me to accomplish a lot more in this life that has already lead me on an incredible journey.


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