Childhood memories with a best friend from childhood

Emily on the left went out with my sister and I last night. Emily was and still is a best friend from our childhood. She came up to Lake Geneva for a night out in the town. A place she has come to stay with us numerous times over the years since we were just young children. We had a great night and many good laughs. Emily turned to me at one point in the night and said having you and your sister to grow up with made my childhood. She looked at me again and said, “We had the best childhoods.” She went on to take me down memory lane of all the crazy and fun things we did from the forts we built, the games we played, pretending to be private detectives and taking down the license plates of all the numbers on cars and talking to each other over walkie talkies. Of course we could not forget the countless lemonade stands we had, memory boxes we made, time capsules we buried, hours of roller blading, fishing, and playing with our dolls. Emily pointed out that I had a very creative side and always came up with the best ideas for the day.
I guess I knew I had to make up for all the not so best days of my childhood so I used my imagination to create memorable moments and like Emily said last night, “We had the best childhoods.” I could not agree with her more. We seriously could spend hours laughing at the things we did. I know someday we will look back on last night and look back at the photos and laugh remembering the days of going to bars in our twenties and watching old drunk people thinking they can dance or forty year old men hitting on us. One even went as far to remove his wedding ring to his middle finger but you could still see the tan line of a white band around where his wedding band went. There were many moments last night I seriously was laughing so hard I had to turn my head away.
On that note I must end this.. I work from 10-4pm tomorrow and then go directly to an overnight of babysitting 5 children including twin three year olds…until Saturday afternoon…some things never change I am still babysitting at 23 and I probably will still be doing it until I have my own baseball team of children…someday I will be chasing after my own 5 or 6 kids.



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