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Here I am the day I was born 27 yrs ago Feb. 2nd 1985.

My mother gave birth to me at home on a waterbed, all natural after 57 hours of labor.


I was delivered by the same midwife that delivered my father 30 years earlier. He came all the way from the North Pole and I came out of the womb believing in Santa Clause.

As I turn another year older on Thursday there is only one thing I wish for and that is the protection and education of our children from sexual abuse. With your help of sharing my videos with your friends, family, etc. you are helping make a difference. One man is Missouri last year did just that and a senator came calling and Erin’s law went on to be voted on and signed by Governor Jay Nixon. With 2 states signing it, and 8 states introducing it this year we are moving in the direction of my 50 state vision. I testified in Indiana two weeks ago and a senator got on the mic. after hearing me testify and said, “I came in here with plans to vote against this law, Erin your testimony completely changed my mind.” It went on to be voted on and passed. It now moves on to the House. I even have someone in South Africa reaching out with my law to their government. To those of you reading this outside the states and I know I have many of you. If you stick with me I promise I will help in your country once I get America all taken care of. I already have a date in April in New York to be at the capital when Erin’s law is voted on and to do a press conference. I have already done one press conference in New York.  Change is possible you just have to believe in it and pursue it no matter what anyone thinks. Please share this blog with anyone and everyone. I cannot tackle this silent epidemic alone. As I turn 27 Thursday I realize I have done a lot for my age but I still got a lot left to do and I am not stopping anytime soon. Share my wish and I promise not to see my shadow on Thursday. We will call it the winter we never had.  For those of you that don’t know what I am talking about watch the movie Groundhogs Day.  🙂

Please support Erin’s law by donating here through the foundation I work with Cord Vanderpool

Coming up: My next blog will be on something I feel so passionate about. “Forgiveness” Last week I recorded an interview that will be shown at my church on my own message on forgiveness and what it did in my life. That will air on Feb 12th at my church in a series called “Breaking History.” There is nothing as amazing as feeling the holy spirit work in you.


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