Erin’s Law in Missouri

Missouri Senator Ryan McKenna has been following Erin’s law and attached a bill to it in Missouri. Missouri Senate Bill 286 develops the task force for age appropriate curriculum on sexual abuse in schools. I was asked to come testify in Missouri to the Senate but had to send my testimony in through video. Today at 1:30pm Missouri Senators will watch this video and then make a decision to vote for or against this law. To read the exact language of the law click here. Will post an update later today on the outcome of the vote in Missouri. Hopefully we will be checking another state off. Another reason for President Obama to get involved in protecting our nations children the way he said he would.

Update: Missouri Senator Ryan McKenna informed me this afternoon the video really touched the hearts of the Senators in the committee. Missouri must be a little different then Illinois because they will not actually vote on this bill until next week, however I am going to assume it will pass without a doubt! 🙂 I sill update on what the outcome of the bill is next week.

I am gearing up for a big spring tour of speaking. Next week I head out to Indianapolis for a big conference, then later in the month I am headed to Iowa for a child abuse conference. April brings several states I will be traveling to. First it is to New Jersey then leave New Jersey and head straight to Hershey, Pennsylvania. Home for 4 days just to get back on a plane and head back to the east coast to speak at a college in New Hampshire. A college student there was 13-years-old when she read my first book and it has been her dream to meet me. She made this event possible. I am looking forward to meeting her in person after 6 years of talking to her through email and facebook. I leave New Hampshire to go home for a day just to get back on a plane and head to Texas. I will be in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan throughout May. At every event I go to I do book signings. I just ordered books for my road trip events and shipped books to the other states I am flying to. My life “Stolen Innocence and Living For Today” came in 7 boxes last week and today.




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