Face to face with a creep today!

I live in a town called Schaumburg but many know me for calling it Scumburg and today I came across scum in this town I live in. I was working in Caribou this afternoon on my laptop when I noticed this man late 40’s mid 50’s that kept staring at me. You know when you can tell from the corner of your eye someone is looking at you. Almost by 2:30p.m. I decided to leave. Seconds after I stood up packing my laptop up I noticed this man standing up packing his stuff up. I went around the fireplace they have in Caribou and decide I am going to go to the bathroom avoiding walking out the same time as this guy. I just had a weird creepy feeling inside to wait until he leaves. So I went into the bathroom and waited a few minutes before coming out. As I exited the bathroom I noticed he was gone and felt a sense of relief. The ladies in Caribou are always nice. She said have a nice day and I said the same to her.  As I was walking out of Caribou I was taking in how beautiful it was outside. Clear blue sky and sunny. A few people were sitting outside Caribou enjoying it.

Just as I was approaching my car suddenly walking between my car now and the car next to mine is the man from inside Caribou coming towards me. He must of gone out to his car or stood by his car waiting for me to come back and saw me walking in that directly and thought this is the perfect time to approach me. I was completely stunned in broad daylight with people sitting outside Caribou this man bumps into me with his body to the back of my car and says, “It must be nice to be a beautiful blonde attractive woman on a day like today.” With this smile across his face. I was shocked and just as I am about to punch this man who is now in my face another man who witnessed it sitting at a table outside Caribou shouts, “Leave her alone.” It distracted this man enough I immediately went for the front door of my car and just as the door is closing I hear the creep tell the other guy, “I am just telling her how attractive she is.”

I locked my doors immediately and am now in my car shaking and in disbelief. I look in my mirror of my car and see that this other man is now speaking to the creep right in front door of the Caribou entrance and the creep keeps looking at my car. I wanted to thank the man that confronted him but instead I pulled out of that parking lot as fast as I could while he was still confronting the creep. I honestly know if the man that told this creep to leave me alone did not say what he did I would of punched the man. It just happened so fast I was stunned he did what he did bumping into me against my car and saying what he said and I wasn’t expecting it to happen in broad daylight in front of other people.

It was one of those moments where you always say what you would do but once it happens your in such a state of shock and disbelief your body doesn’t react as fast as you expect it to. When I walked in the door and saw my mother I was still all shaken up by it and said, “You won’t believe what just happened.”

One of my best friend’s mother works at this Caribou and I let her know all about this guy and told her to tell the other employees. I am waiting to hear back from her if she has any other complaints.

I am ready for my next trip out of town this week to get out of Scumburg.


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