Forgiving does not mean forget


She stands before the mirror and you appear

An image that makes her tremble with fear

Fighting back the tears

Knowing what she has held onto all these years

She was just a little girl wanting to play

Until he entered the room and took her innocence away.

Tears rolled down her young face

When he took her to that Hell of a place.

She dare not fight

His face smiled with delight

Threatened to be tied to the bed

She listens to what he said

A piercing pain forced inside

A part of her in that moment died.

That coward got away with what he did

Taking the innocence of a young kid.

17 years have passed and she still fears she will see his face

And be brought back to that Hell of a place.

She thinks about it often since he is still here

She lives with that fear

Knowing he lives just a couple miles away

She  just reminds herself to keep living for today.


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