GLAMOUR Magazine Woman of the Year 2012: Erin Merryn (Pick up the December issue of Glamour Magazine)

On November 12th myself and 9 other women including Selena Gomez, several Summer Olympic Gold Medalists, and 8 other women will be recognized in Carnige Hall in front of 3,000 people including many Hollywood celebrities, politicians, journalists, family and friends.

The night will start off with a red carpet event in NYC. I was told everyone from the media will be there (USA Today, NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, Fox, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, People Magazine, etc.) and a whole lot of paparazzi (good thing I will have my body guard with me to protect me from the Paparazzi. I was warned they are roped off anyways). After I walk the red carpet I will be met inside by Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight and speaking with them. I will be then lead to a green room to wait while my guest of honor takes his seat (my boyfriend) then my other guests my family and editor along with all the other guests with tickets will be let in. Every person at the event gets a gift bag and Glamour Magazine has allowed my publishing company to give a copy to everyone in the audience my books. My publishing company is also going back and adding to the Cover of both my books “A 2012 Glamour Woman of the Year”

The event goes from 7-9pm. Each woman of the year was able to select anyone they wanted to present them with their award. So basically any celebrity, politician, singer, etc. they would ask that person and if they were available they would do it. Imagine that being told basically anyone in the world living that you would want to meet we will do our best to make it happen to present you with this award. Hearing this all was incredible. I cannot reveal who that person is. That has to stay a secret until the night of the event.




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