God is great!

I prayed very hard today….I had a phone call I had to make. A very important phone call that took me over an hour to finally do because I was such a nervous mess. For an hour I prayed to God to give me strength I needed it and believe me I was leaning on him for support. I then prayed for the person I was about to call that he go there too. I prayed he would let me know that he heard me and would let me know he was there. It was a very difficult phone call I had to make and I had no idea what to expect but was praying for the best. The person I was calling gave me a friendly hello. A voice I have not heard since I was a child living in silence. We were setting up a time to meet to discuss something very painful and personal. The person on the other line said something that spoke right to me. “That is when you know there is a God.” The person on the other end was saying this because they just hung up with someone who said call Erin and set up a time to sit down and talk and she hangs up but does not have my phone number and was waiting for the day when I would call her and moments after hanging up her phone rings and it is me. I think when I prayed for God to go be there he went to their side which made me be brought up in their phone conversation. I have great Faith in God and know what lies ahead in the next few weeks he is there through it all.
I know I am not being very open about what this is all about but it is something that has been unfolding for the past year. Exactly almost a year ago Mid-September. Never would have predicted this is where things would stand today. Someday this blog will relate to the final chapter in my second book with all the details filled in and the outcome of this meeting which has not been set yet but will be soon.
Thank you God for your strength and always letting me know your listening.

Good Night and God Bless!


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