Good Friday

As a child Easter was all about coloring eggs, Easter egg hunts, and chocolate. However there is a much bigger and more important meaning behind Easter.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”-John 3:16

If I didn’t believe in Jesus there is so much about me that wouldn’t exist. There would not be two books (Stolen Innocence & Living For Today) published under the name Erin Merryn, I would not travel the country speaking to the thousands I have reached with my message, I would of never appeared on Oprah, had a law passed in my own state and going on in other states etc. Everything that has been created around this  name “Erin Merryn” wold not exist if I did not know Jesus. If I did not accept Jesus into my life at 8-years-old I would be a very angry and bitter woman. When I sat on a picnic table at summer camp in 1993 when I was 8 and said the words that God gave his only Son Jesus to come down and die on the cross for our sins it is something that will never leave me. That moment is so clear in my mind. Moments after saying these words the woman who made me repeat them broke down and started crying. I remember being confused and looked at my 11-year-old sister and said, “Why is she crying what is so sad?” My sister looked at me with excitement and said, “Erin you’ve been saved you are going to make it to Heaven.”

By having a relationship with Jesus it allowed me to realize I need to let go of anger, hatred, and bitterness I had towards people in my life who abused me and forgive them.  I know many people have a hard time with this idea. I completely understand why you would, but for me forgiveness allowed me to let go of so much and find a voice. No longer consumed with anger and hatred I felt peace wash over me. I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life hating these two men that abused me.   Honestly what good would that do? I don’t allow room in my heart for hatred. There is sadness and pain there for the child I once was who suffered, but I leave no room for hatred. It just isn’t healthy. Jesus came down and died for these sins long before I was ever abused. If I want God to forgive me for the wrong I have done I have to forgive those who have hurt me. Does that mean I believe these two men will walk in green pastures with me in Heaven one day? Not at all! I don’t know where they stand with their relationship with the Lord and they are the first two people that come to mind that I don’t think I will see on the other side because I only know these two men for the evil they showed me and not where they are in their lives now and if they have accepted Christ and asked for his forgiveness.

I just know without my relationship with the Lord I would not be the person I am and the greatest gift my parents gave me is raising me in a Christian home. It is the one thing that I will always be most grateful for.


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