Made it to New Hampshire

My morning began at 4:30am. I had an early flight and made it to New Hampshire this morning where the sun is shining and the temperature is nice. I’ve been walking all over the college campus here today at Keene State College and walked all over the entire town of Keene. I am also staying at a very cute Bed and Breakfast. My first experience staying at one. I am preparing for my speech tonight that begins at 7pm. Then a march for Take Back the Night that begins at 8pm that takes us into the downtown of Keene. It has been a beautiful day and it is going to be an amazing night. Here are a few pictures from today. Must end this here as I am off to dinner with the great students that made this event possible and then it’s to the stage to shatter the silence.


Mel and I finally meet. Mel is introducing me tonight. She came across my book when she was 13 years old. She is now a 19 year old college sophomore who has been very inspired by me and made this event happen.


There ready for me tonight.


Keene State College’

More photos to come! Time to go Take Back the Night!


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