Happy 14th Birthday Chance

He made it to 14 can you believe it. That makes him 98 in dog years. I have been walking Chance every morning since the day of April 28th, 1997. He had just turned a year old when I got him. I promised I would take care of him and I stuck to that promise even bringing him to college with me. You have to be a dog person to understand the love between a dog and its owner. Last year I did the cheeseburger with a candle in it. This year not knowing if it will be Chance’s last birthday I made him a cake. I still think I can get a miracle and see him make it to 15. I always told him he had to live to 15 however average life expectancy for a labrador is 10-12.4 years. So Chance is stretching it.

Here are photos of him with his cake made of cornbread, yogurt, and milk bones. I also put a video of him eating it on youtube. Click on the first photo to watch the video.



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