Happy Easter

Happy Easter! My trip to New Mexico was wonderful. The second day speaking at the conference was amazing. Stories and photos to come from day two of my trip later in the week.
This is in today (Sunday) front page of the Daily Times Farmington, New Mexico newspaper. Interview I did with a reporter on the second day of the trip. The photo in the article was from when I spoke at Take Back the Night on Thursday evening. The writer interviewed me after I spoke at the conference on Friday morning.

Family Easter Picture 2009 minus the sister in Oregon.
This was taken at brunch at Grand View in Lake Geneva, WI.

Easter 2009 Erin & Chance
As you can tell Chance does not look to happy in this picture he is very sick and is struggle to walk. I am 99% positive he has vestibular disease because he is showing all the symptoms unstable walking, falling to one side, head tilted constantly, he cannot even hold himself up to use the bathroom without falling back. I read on the internet it can last 7-14 days and it is also known as old dog’s disease. Chance will be 13 in two weeks. I plan to take him to the vet tomorrow to get more answers and hopefully he turns around.


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