Happy Hallmark Holiday

Happy Hallmark Holiday! I really do not believe Valentines Day would exist if Hallmark did not exist. Why do we have to have a day on the calendar to celebrate a way to express love to significant others. Why can’t that be every day? With Valentines day you are pretty much expected to buy your partner a card, flowers, chocolate, etc and if you do not your in the doghouse.

So then what about us single people. I read on people’s facebook status today about what a depressing day today is or how today sucks. I cannot help but laugh at these people who make such a big deal about a money making holiday. Instead of staying in bed being depressed about not having a Valentine on February 14th why not do something fun to celebrate the day being single.

I am spending my evening invited to a party for “Singles Only” I am lucky to have a bunch of friends who are all single. We will be spending the evening having dinner together, telling our worst dating stories and anyone who knows me knows the story I will be telling tonight. The story I call “The Birthday Surprise” by far the worst dating experience of my life that I know laugh about. We will also be watching movies maybe a few chic flicks that you know guys would hate.

I honestly have to say I think tonight will be a far better V-day being single then it would be being in a relationship. It is all on how you look at it you can wake up on February 14th single and decide to make it a day of staying in bed miserable or you can spend it celebrating your independence with all your other single friends. It is all on how you look at it. My last relationship I was in ended 2 days before Valentines day last year. Yeah I can say what a jerk and how upset I was but the truth is looking back on it I am glad he was honest with me for his reasons for breaking up rather then wasting another moment of my life. He ended the relationship in an email right there shows was a loser I was dating that he could not even pick up the phone or say it in person. However now I have a hilarious email that reminds me when I read it to friends of why I choose to be single!

So I am off to drink wine and say cheers to the single life with all my single friends.

Happy Hallmark Holiday!
or Happy Singles Day!


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