House votes 110 Yes/ 0 No to Erin’s Law

On Wednesday the House Education Committee all 19 members voted Yes to Erin’s law after the heard my testify the day before, one woman on the Educate Committee cried to others saying she was moved hearing me and she herself is an incest survivor. Then all 19 members signed on to be co-sponsors of Erin’s law which is incredible. Suddenly SB2843 Erin’s law page was updated on General Assembly website and you saw 19 new names added as co-sponsors.

Today even better news. Erin’s law was heard on the House floor and it got all 110 Yes votes. No one voted against it. Which means it has never received a No vote. No one has voted against Erin’s law in the Senate or House which I find incredible! 🙂

Check it out for yourself

House Vote outcome

Erin Testify to House November 16th, 2010

Status of Erin’s Law

It’s in the final stretch as it gets ready to be delivered to Governor Pat Quinn for his signature. I believe he has 60 days to sign it. There is soon to be a new law in Illinois. I dreamed of this at the end of my book and went after it. Now I plan to go after it national. Watch me do it! 🙂

Thanks to all my supports your the best!


House Sponsor Jerry Mitchell, Erin Merryn, Senate Sponsor Tim Bivins

I cannot thank these two men next to me enough. We took this on Tuesday when I was testifying at the Capital.

They went to bat for me and helped me get this job done. I think a big part is they both have daughters and see the importance of this. They also see the impact I make when I speak. They along with many others helped me move mountains in Illinois.


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