I am in Cape Cod, MA

After a 2 hour flight to Warwick RI I landed last night at 7pm. Only to learn I had 70 mile drive with my rental car to Cape Cod MA…it was quiet a night drive but gave me a lot of time to think about todays event. I am driven to get this message across so I will go as far as it will take me even if that means driving until midnight to get to my destination.

I am here now meeting wonderful people seated right outside the grand ballroom where I will be speaking in an hour and fifteen minutes. From 1:15-2:15pm then book signing. I have also been signing books all morning as well.
On top of that I have heard some incredible inspiring stories. Mothers sharing there stories about their children with me. I had many come up to me this morning and tell me they could not put my book down and read it straight through.
The woman introducing me today came up to me this morning and said “Erin I read your book last night straight through and I am honored to introduce you today your book was incredible.” Makes me proud of what I stand for!!!!

I also did a bunch of media interviews this morning with local tv and newspapers here in Cape Cod.

I know I will have much more to share later. I got a busy day ahead of me! I just hope I have no trouble getting back to the airport with this fierce hurricane headed this way. It is nasty out here. Wind and Rain and I have to drive 70 miles. My flight does not leave until 7pm tonight.
I did not bring my phone charger thinking a day trip I would not need it. I have one bar left and the problem is my older sister is flying in from Oregon tonight to O’hare an hour before me and I am suppose to drive her and her roommate home. Hmmm it is going to be difficult to find her if my phone does not work. Hopefully you got my message of where I parked my car…otherwise it may turn into a long night after a very long day!

Signing out will share details of another incredible day later!

Erin Merryn


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