I Never did it for Recognition



You are looking at an image of several awards I have received for my mission in protecting children through Erin’s Law.

From the pens Governor’s have signed Erin’s Law with, to the big orange metal with my name engraved in metal that says, “Erin Merryn Glamour Woman of the Year.” The key to the city of Tupelo, Mississippi. My name engraved in other awards from different organizations and back in 2010 many remember me for being named Newsmaker of the Year for the Daily Herald. Last week I thought I was presenting an award to the Chief of Police of Dixon, Illinois. I had all intentions of saying so many wonderful things about him. I had no idea I was there under false pretenses and the award was really being presented to me for my work to protect children through Erin’s Law. A week earlier I was called and informed I was nominated and selected for an award and will be presented it at a dinner in October. On Saturday I was informed of yet another award I am being recognized for in April.

So where am I going with this?

I never did any of it for recognition. I never went after Erin’s Law to be given several plaques with my named engraved in it, to be named Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year and be recognized in NYC on Carnegie Hall stage in front of 3,000 people. To be given a key to a city I was going to for the first time, or having my Chicago land paper name me Newsmaker of the Year. I didn’t expect any of this or any clue it would come of this.

I went after Erin’s Law because I care about the innocence of children.  I went after Erin’s Law because I don’t want another child to experience the Hell of being held down and repeatedly raped. The memory that lives in me of that child I was screaming for someone to save me, being told to shut-up or he will make it worse, begging for him to stop, fearing I was going to die that day. The pain is all still there and fresh and the tears are still there. I can still see it all replaying in my mind. Remembering how alone I felt in such a big world with one big scary mean man. I went after Erin’s Law because I don’t want another child to experience a family member repeatedly sexually abusing  them for nearly two years.

I went after Erin’s Law because I don’t want another child to carry 6 years of trauma and horror I will never get rid of and instead the very first time anything happens that child doesn’t keep it a secret but discloses to a trusted adult about it. I can’t get back the years of my childhood taken so I went after a law to make sure those years are never taken from another child.

I never did it for recognition if anything I wish someone would of recognized the pain I was in as a child and put an end to my horror.


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