Iowa and an April Fools Day Prank

Yesterday I got up bright and early for a 3 hour drive to Iowa where I spoke at a state child abuse conference. The conference went great and I met many wonderful people. I packed 6 hours of driving and a speaking engagement all into one day.


Start of the conference


Signing books after  the conference.


I was so happy to finally meet Nikki. She saw me on Oprah and went after Erin’s law in Iowa which was recently passed by the Senate.


Because I had so much time on the road I had a lot of time to think. With 6 hours of driving that is plenty of time to brainstorm a great April Fools Prank. I played pranks all the time as a kid but eventually my younger sister took over and I stopped playing pranks on April Fools. Until this year where I thought of a great one to play on my mom and caught it all on camera today. A woman named Dawn use to take care of my dog Chance whenever we went on vacation. She began working with a foundation that  rescues abandon puppies and dogs that will otherwise be put down. They care for the animals until the puppies are old enough or well enough to be adopted. Well I started thinking maybe Dawn would allow me to borrow a puppy for a few hours to pull off an April fools prank on my mom. My parents have told me since I put Chance down 6 months ago that I am not allowed to get another dog until I have my own place. They don’t even want me renting somewhere and getting a dog because they know too many people that have their adult children move back in. So I called Dawn this morning and not only did she have puppies she was all in on letting me pull this prank off. I don’t need to say anymore for I captured my mother walking in the door from work and her reaction to seeing this puppy all on camera. My dad and sister were in on the prank.


He is a sweet little pup.


This 9 week old pup needs a good home. He is up for adoption.


She thought he was cute and wanted to hold him after she realized he was just staying for a few hours. Actually we all started to fall in love with the puppy and both my parents were saying this is the most calm puppy they have ever seen and the kind of dog you want. Chance was more hyper in his final days of life then this puppy was during the 2 1/2 hours we had him over.

april fools pup

He was asleep in my arms like this. The puppy loves to be in someone’s lap.


These are both the puppies Dawn currently has that were abandon in Kentucky and they have been rescued and now both need a home.  They come with all their shots and neutered.They both are so sweet. I played with both of them at her house.

I pulled of another great April fools prank.


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