Keeping Busy with Erin’s Law

People know with Erin’s law being signed two weeks ago by Governor Quinn my vision moving forward is to get President Obama’s attention. So I did my research on who I need to reach out to in United States House and  Senate and of course President Obama himself. In each letter I included a copy of President Obama’s letter he sent me when he was my State Senator.


Now time to go mail these out.

I also got a call last week from Senator Tim Bivins that a Missouri Senator has been following my actions. He has attached a bill to my law in Missouri and was looking for me to testify on the bill. I spoke with Senator Ryan McKenna yesterday about the bill. I am unable to make it down next week when he was looking to see if I can testify but I offered him a few suggestions on either sending in a video of me testifying on the matter I also have the wonderful Children’s Advocacy Center in Jefferson City, Missouri that would step up in support of Erin’s law and testify on my behave. I am just waiting to hear back today from Senator McKenna on his decision with this. Check out the bill here.

Now that Erin’s law has been signed I have been busy looking over curriculum, sitting in classrooms that have programs being taught on sexual abuse, and looking over lots of books, games, and videos that discuss this with children.


Books, activities, videos all educational material on sexual abuse for children.


Curriculum from other state programs


Inside the curriculum for Gorp’s Secret Guide


Love what this guide teaches you check out Gorp’s Guide here


Inside the curriculum from Kidsafe for Kids Foundation out of Florida.


Inside the curriculum from Kidsafe for Kids Foundation out of Florida.


I am totally against using the words good touch/bad touch because it sends the wrong message to children and will never look at a program that uses this way of teaching. However the message on good secrets and bad secrets is a different way to phrase things in a safe way. If you are in Florida check out this great program. More out of Kidsafe for Kids program in Florida.


This book arrived in my mailbox yesterday and I really like it. It has two sides to it. One you can read to boys the other you can read to girls.


If you are a parent, grandparent, or work with children check out some of this great material I posted.

I have to end this I have a trip to the post office to make, books to order, and phone calls to return.

If you would like to donate to Erin’s Law to help fund schools in Illinois and eventually one day national please go here: CVF Projects and click on the donate button. After a phone call yesterday and confirmation this morning I know I am receiving a donation from a man who is known for being generous in giving. He gave away 50 million to 3 colleges because he is dedicated to education. Not sure what his donation will be but anything helps to protect and educate children from what I could not be saved from.


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