In Laredo, Texas

This is going to be short. I know I said I would upload pictures from New Hampshire well Houston airport didn’t have free internet access so I did not get a chance to upload any pictures yet. I left the house at 6:30am. Went from Ohare to Houston. 3 hour layover (lots of people watching) including a grandma spanking her 3 yr. old grandson who was on a leash and eventually her husband says, “Do you want me to walk him?” So he grabbed the leash and started walking him. I could write a book on the things I hear and see traveling. The little boy in front of me on my flight from Chicago to Houston shouts as soon as we are about to land, “Dad I have to pee!” He let everyone on the plane know. I then watched his mother get yelled at by the flight attendant for getting up while we were landing to run her son to the bathroom who now is saying, “I am going to pee my pants!”

Then my flight to Houston took me to Laredo. My hotel room is a jump, skip, and a hop away from the Mexican border. It is just down the street. It is hot here. Tomorrow is suppose to be 105.  After arriving at 5pm I met up for dinner with the staff putting on the conference and others presenting. We just returned from a tour of their Children’s Advocacy Center here in Laredo. Now it is time for bed as I speak for an hour and a half starting at 9am as the Keynote Speaker opening up this conference. I speak again at noon.  At dinner the director of the center pulled out the town paper to show me an article done about me coming to speak. I had no idea they were doing this or using these photos. Turned out great! Pictures below. I’m exhausted and need sleep before another busy day ahead of me.

Photos of my travels to come soon!

Good Night!




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