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The month of July I am going to spend my time focused on my 3rd book and it’s not the fiction book I have been working on. The contents of this book I am not revealing but I can promise it will be good.  I have been thinking lately and what has really motivated me over the years to keep writing is my readers. I remember a time while writing my 2nd book Living For Today where I was sitting in my bedroom in Wisconsin and a part of me just wanted to give up on this book but it was as if my readers walked into the room and reminded me of the voice I give so many by speaking out and putting it on paper. I began to think of the people who might be lost, confused, in pain, searching for some sort of comfort or someone that understands them. I thought of these people who locked themselves in their rooms reading this book I was ready to give up on writing and then hearing them pour their hearts out to me how it changed them, helped them in their own journey, etc. and it was at this moment that I realized I needed to keep writing and I remember the very first letter that came from my 2nd book that talked about staying up all night reading my book and the pain they were in before reading it and the hope and voice I gave them after reading it. It’s a wonderful message to hear as a writer. So I have decided as I pour myself into another book that I know will impact a lot of people I am going to share with you letters I have received over the years from both my books over the course of the next few months. The only thing that will be edited is the identity of the writers.

Dear Erin,

I want to thank you for sharing your life story in your book Living For Today. I’ve never been much of a reader and when I do read daily I try to make sure it is the bible. But in Jan. for a late Christmas gift I received your book in the mail from a friend of mine who lives in TN but he was in New York at a bookstore and came across your book and felt I might enjoy reading it because of some of the things in my life he knew about. That night I started reading your book at 10:30  til 4:30am Some parts I read over again. Other parts I cried with you and felt like I was part of your family. 

You see Erin I was molested at the age of 4 and never told anyone til I was in my mid 40’s. No one but me, the man who did it, and God knew for all those years. Over 40 years I carried that alone!! One night a friend of mine said I have to go to my father’s this week-end and I need help could you go with me because my mom is in a nursing home and my dad will be at the house alone and all my life even as a married woman he would make her have sex with him!! We were at the altar praying by ourselves so I opened up and told her about me; so she would not feel so bad about herself. I guess we both felt it was our fault and both felt dirty. Talking about it helped us both but my pain was still their. My parents divorced when I was 5 and we moved a lot. When I was about 7 or 8 we moved next door to a family and one day I was playing with their kids and this same man showed up at their house. As soon as I saw him even from the age of 4 I knew it was him. He came out to where we were playing and tried to get me to ride a go cart with him and I said NO and took off running. I don’t think I even ran so fast in my life! I stayed in the rest of the day and not long after that we moved. I was so glad!! So much more happened over the years it would take several novels to tell it all! Thru it all I have learned to trust in God! Erin I know you are sooooo busy so I want to thank you with all of my heart for your time in reading this e-mail!! I am grateful to you and for you and for you telling your story as you have. At the age of 60 it has helped me so much!! 2 weeks after reading your book God delivered me from a 38 yrs of being addicted to food!! It’s been 5 weeks and I fill so alive and free! NO more feeding my heart from pain, hurt, and rejection! A week later God set me free from being afraid of death. So from my heart to your heart THANK YOU for allowing God to use your story to heal me after all those years! I will forever be grateful to Him and to You!!  God Bless you Erin and your family!!!    Keep doing what you do because you are a jewel and blessing to me and so many people!! Again THANK YOU!!

P.S. Your web-site is such a blessing too and I am so glad Erin’s Law passed!!


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