Living for Today

There is nothing more exciting for a writer to see their hard work pay off. Nearly three years ago in June 2006 I began to begin the process of writing Living for Today. I remember writing down those first pages of ideas and organizing my thoughts. I was not prepared for what would occur in my life while writing this book nor the journey that it was about to lead me down. I was a busy college student who found the best time to write was in the evening sometimes very late into the night. My mind was the most focused then and I was able to collect my thoughts and express my ideas the best. It was there one night in my college apartment as I sat in front of my computer a major chapter in my next book would come out. A chapter I had never planned to share with anyone.

Living for Today was by far was much more difficult to write then Stolen Innocence. Honestly if I go on to spend the rest of my life writing books and some day when I am 65 and am the author of 15 books I know I will say Living for Today was the most difficult to write. I dug deep in this book but never imagined how much
peace I would find in the end. I thought my journey was over when I wrote my first
book Stolen Innocence but I learned that was just the beginning of my journey. I had no clue what God had in store for me. Three things I really get across in Living for Today is the cycle of healing from sexual abuse, the power of forgiveness in my life, and discovering that everything in life happens for a reason. We are all born with a purpose and I discovered mine.
Some may find themselves reading Living for Today and get towards the end of the book and find themselves saying, “Enough about forgiveness already.” However without the forgiveness I have experienced in my life Stolen Innocence and Living for Today would never exist. I would be a very angry bitter woman without it. I believe I would still be haunted from my past had I not reached that peace in my heart. While I know forgiveness is a difficult place to reach and may not be for everyone I share with readers how it transformed my life to be the person I am today.

My hope when Living for Today is published is that survivors can find similar peace I discovered in my life and society will give this silent epidemic national exposure. Believe me I am not going to sit back and be quiet I will be making some noise when this book is released. So as I have been asked dozens of times for months now when will it be released and in bookstores or available online. At this moment it is currently on amazon and other book websites for pre-order and will be delivered when it is released. If you go to the link it will give you more details on the book.
The publish date is nearly 6 months away. November 2nd is the day it comes out. I cannot wait to celebrate. It has been quiet a journey watching this book come to life. I look forward to seeing where it takes me. Stay in touch for more updates.


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