Missing Piece I am Searching For

There is just one piece in my life that I am still searching for. A piece of my life that I once had that was taken from me. Where did it go? How do I get it back? It is lost somewhere out there and I am longing to have that ability back. It rips me apart inside and makes me pull away from those I am closest with because I cannot find this piece of my life.

I want it back but I don’t know where to search. Just the thought of being able to have it apart of my life scares me and consumes me with doubt. Doubt that I won’t be able to, fear that it will be taken again once I get it back. I question the people closest to me in my life because this one piece is missing, making me so very cautious.

I learned in my own life experience what I needed to go to conquer my past and live for today and that was through confrontation and forgiveness. I discovered that and it set me free. Now I just need this one remaining piece of my life back. I long for it. I would give anything just to have it back. I know it would make other areas of my life that much easier instead I am constantly questioning the people that surround me, so much doubt surrounds me.

Where did my ability to trust go? My trust was stolen and I am searching for the answer to get it back. I pray for that day I can write a book about how I got my trust back something that has been missing for many years I’ve lost track. I pray for that light bulb moment that I had when I was a junior in high school and confronted my cousin.

Now I pray for that moment that will bring me back my stolen trust. Because in this lifetime trust is a must and I don’t trust you.


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