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It has been over a week since I returned from New Mexico. The second day at the conference went really well. I had the opportunity to meet even more incredible people. I loved the stage and not being behind a podium. I walked freely with hands free mic for awhile and then that went out and I got the one off the podium and walked with it. Behind me on the stage were photos of a slideshow I had put together from the early years of my life until now. My camera wasn’t working so the teen who was going to take photos for me had no luck. However a woman did take photos of me speaking and I will post those when I get them.

I answered questions on stage after my presentation and felt overall it went really well. When I watched the video back since I video tape all my speeches I loved the pictures appearing behind me showing the growth of a child turning into a woman. Photos that showed a happy childhood and also a hint at dark secrets. I went out of the auditorium when I was done and met a line of people wanting smany people told me their life stories some breaking their silence for the first time others writing me notes for me to read later which I did. Very heart felt messages! I signed copy of my book. I brougt an entire box of over 50 books that I was able to squeeze a few more in my luggage. Good thing I did because I sold out of all my books and had to tell people to go to their local bookstores to pick up a copy. I could only bring so many with me. Heck if I had brought anymore I would have probably brougth that small plane done that I took out of Denver and out of Farmington while traveling.
I did an interview after my speech with the local reporter. Here is an article from Take Back the Night where I gave my first speech Thursday April 9th, and then the article from the conference.
Take Back the Night

I arrived home Friday evening after another scary plane ride worse then the first one from Farmington, N.M. to Denver. I figure if I ever head to Farmington again I will fly into a larger airport and do a little driving. 🙂 My days on small planes are over.
Big planes I love! I love to fly as long as it is in a big plane. I feel safer and turbulance are no big deal on the big planes where the small ones you are bouncing all over the place especially over the moutains.
My parents both picked me up from the airport and we headed to Wisconsin where we went to celebrate Easter and my mom’s birthday. We had brunch Sunday morning at the Grand View Restaurant on the lake. It was a beautiful day to sit and over look the lake from our front window view. My sister also came home from college. We had a great time together. We also rented the movie Doubt none of us had seen it and we all really liked it including my Dad who said he found it interesting and good especially since he could relate growing up in the Catholic church and how nuns treated students.

Saturday morning I had a scare with my dog Chance who is nearly thirteen. He seemed as if he had a stroke. Falling over and only one side of his body was moving. He would walk in circles not straight and eventually would just fall. He could barely hold himself up and he kept shaking. It was sad and both my sister and I were crying because we thought he was dying. I called the vet who said it sounded like Vestibular diease also known as Old Dog disease. He said it sounds like an inner ear problem. He encouraged us to take Chance in if he got worse that day. Chance laid in the yard off a leash all day Saturday and Sunday. Thank God the sun was out he just laid in the sun. By Monday I left work early and brought him into the vet who after checking Chance over said it was Vestibular disease and that after being put on meds for the next 10 days he should be back to himself however he said the dog could have symptoms that last longer sometimes months but he said that he usually only sees that in dogs who have it really bad. Chance by Monday was doing much better. He could walk without falling every five seconds and was eating on his own. As of today he is much better I think the medication is working. He is walking without fall but still leaning more to one side and his head is still tilted a little which is a symptom of the disaese. Dogs tilt their head to the side of the ear that is bothered. This is the second time now he has had a close call in the past 8 months. Makes my heart break knowing that one day there will be no rebounding and I will have to say my goodbyes for now though I like to not think about that and celebrate every day more that he is around and still has that spunky life in him for such an older dog.

I wish I was blogging more but honestly I am swamped with finishing grad school presentations. I presented in one of my classes on Thursday and will present another huge presentation with a group on April 30th which happens to also be the day my sister and I found our voices in a CAC. Then it will be time for Finals. Just a few more weeks 3 to be exact and I will never be a student again and will have my MSW. I cannot explain the excitement that brings me. Once told by a math teacher in high school I had no chance at college in front of all my classmates and not only did I go off to college and get a degree in four years I finished my masters in ten months. She jumped to conclusions way too fast. I will gradaute on Mothers day May 10th and it is an outside cermony so I am hoping and praying for good weather.

I have much more to say but it is nearly 1:30 in the morning and I have had a long night of laughing playing Balderdash with ten friends from church tonight. I learned a few new words and their meanings! 🙂 I love that game and we had many laughing moments.
I have to get up and go to a Bridal Shower in the morning at 11am so I will sign off for now but I promise I will have photos from New Mexico up soon. Also details about the release date of my next book which I now know and am so excited. It has been such a journey writing it.
I will also have to share in my next blog something very interesting to me I discovered online yesterday by just typing in something on google. Something that has to do with a man from my past who posted something online that really caught my attention and left me wondering.

Good Night or shall I say Good Morning!


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