Newsmaker of the Year-A look back at 2010

Yesterday it was announced on the front page of the Daily Herald and ABC 7 News that I received the most votes making me Daily Herald’s newsmaker of the year. Click on the links above to read/watch the story. I got the call a week ago today and was shocked. I really thought American Idol winner Lee DeWyze had this. I am glad the public can see the importance of educating children on sexual abuse. I have my social network friends on Erin’s Law page to thank. They brought in hundreds of votes. 101_0016101_0019

As I end the year with the honor of being named newsmaker of the year I am taking a look back at 2010.


Created a page called Erin’s law on facebook that now has over 6,000 fans.

Sent a letter to the Governor of Illinois Pat Quinn about Erin’s law and seeking his support. Sent a letter to every single state senator in Illinois about Erin’s law.


Turned that wonderful age of 25!

Spoke in Dixon, Illinois for the Shining Star Children’s Advocacy Center conference where I was approached after my speech by the Chief of Police Dan Langloss who wanted to help me get Erin’s law heard.


Dan Langloss and I met with Senator Tim Bivins of Dixon who agreed to sponsor Erin’s law and drafted the bill.

Resigned from my full time job at a counseling agency to put my heart and passion into Erin’s law and speaking.

Lots of speaking engagements this month! Spent a lot of time in rental cars traveling past lots of cornfields in Kansas and Nebraska.


Testified at the capital to Illinois Senate Education Committee who all voted yes to Erin’s law SB2843

Illinois Senate floor then all voted yes to Erin’s law the same day.


Spoke at National Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. for National Children’s Alliance

Family Vacation to Seaside, Oregon for 5 days of hiking, whitewater rafting, and time by the ocean.


I think I spent every day in Caribou working on my 3rd book.

Met the Kings wonderful people I feel blessed God put in my life and brought them back to Illinois. Sorry San Diego! Can’t wait to meet their angel one day.


After 11 years of writing the Oprah Winfrey Show about putting a face and voice on sexual abuse I was selected for a show. Producers and camera crew came to the house at the end of August and interviewed me.


Met Oprah Winfrey when I taped the show on September 2nd. A moment I never gave up on and was determined to make happen. It took 11 years but I did it.

Said goodbye to the greatest gift I ever received my yellow lab Chance who died in my arms on September 27th. I buried him in the yard at the lake house in Lake Geneva. He spent 14 1/2 years on this Earth. He lived a good life and gave me so much joy and happiness. He spent his final night around a campfire doing what he loved most eating. My mother and I fed him 5 hotdogs.


My appearance on Oprah aired and I heard from people around the world. I feel honored to have been apart of her final season.

Went to San Diego, California and met with several great people apart of Chelsea’s Light and talked about Erin’s law.

Met House sponsor Jerry Mitchell of Erin’s Law

Spoke in Ocean City, Maryland for Maryland Children’s Alliance

Had the 2nd seizure of my life that I would rather not reflect back on.


Spent 6 days at Rush hospital my longest hospital stay ever. Nothing more I have to say about that.

Testified to the House Education Committee where all voted YES to SB2843 Erin’s Law and then all signed on as co-sponsors to Erin’s Law. 110 House Reps voted YES to Erin’s law. It never received a single “no” vote.


Spoke in Fontana, Wisconsin for Child Abuse Conference

I am nominated as newsmaker of the year for the Daily Herald

Governor Quinn is given Erin’s Law SB2843 on December 17th the best Christmas gift I could ask for. The law should be signed by Governor Quinn when he returns from Germany after the new year.

I receive the most votes for Newsmaker of the Year for 2010.

It sure has been a roller coaster of a year!

So what could 2011 possibly have in store? In this life I have learned anything can happen! Just look at what has happened in the course of a year of my life. I do know one thing for sure at this time next year the task force of Erin’s Law will be getting ready to submit to Governor Quinn the curriculum schools will use to teach sexual abuse education and who knows maybe next year at this time I will be reflecting on getting President Obama’s attention about Erin’s law on the national level. Don’t put anything past me! I have a lot of drive, passsion, and deterimation to accomplish what I go after.

Hope you have a blessed New Year that brings happiness, peace, and good health.


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