Protect Me


I called out to you as a child to save and protect me when no one else heard my cries. Only you know the true pain I suffered as a child. No words can describe the depth of the true horror of what I suffered. The pain was overwhelming but I didn’t lose sight of you. I carried so much fear and confusion but you held me through it. When I felt I had no one to turn to you were all I had left. In my darkest hours you made me hold on and gave me enough strength to see the sun rise.

Back then I could not see what was to come but just had to trust in you like I always have. You have brought me this far, given me so much strength and courage, but there is still so much that needs to be healed. Only you know the true pain I am in. I listened to you when I felt called to take on this ministry to be a voice for others and take on the challenges I would face in this ministry.

I now call out to you to heal me and protect me from my brain. You have given me so much wisdom and knowledge stored up there but it is also being filled with fear, confusion, and darkness to the things out of my control. I feel no one understands but you. Only you can heal me. Don’t allow me to hide in the darkness and suffer alone. It will consume me and take me to dark places. Give me the strength you have shown me throughout other times in my life. I need you to protect me and heal me. Take this physical and emotional pain from me that I carry. I don’t want to live my life in fear. I call out to you because you are all I have who understands. You know how terrified I really am and in moments like this it is easier just to crawl in bed and never get out. Please protect me from myself. I need you. I’ve been in the dark too much in my life please protect me from there.

Hold me tonight I need you.


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