If you could go back what would you say and do?

I ask that to those who survived childhood sexual abuse. If you were to pull out a photo of the age you were when you were abused and had the ability to jump back into that photo for a day as the adult you are now and come face to face with the child you once were what would you say? What would you do?

erinMay91 - Copy

6 yrs old.

The first thing I would do is hug that girl.

I’d love to pick her up and run with her  to safety and educate her on how to tell today and not keep secrets.

erinslaw5 - Copy

12 yrs. old

I would tell her that her nightmare is almost over and God has her hand. He hears her cries and sees what she writes in her diary.  I would tell her how brave she is and did nothing wrong. I would share with her that she has nothing to be ashamed of and will one day be  a voice for many on what she has not yet told. I would share with her that her darkness will one day be a a shining light of courage for millions to find their voice. “The writer you always wanted to be will happen and you will go on to rise above the challenges you face and accomplish more then you can imagine at this moment.” I would tell her that she will survive and eventually begin to thrive. “Your very brave and will conquer a lot you just can’t see it yet.” I would have her look at a picture she drew at 7 years old and finish by telling her,  “While you cannot see Him on this Earth He can hear and see you and no matter where you go in life He will come with you. He has a plan and a purpose for us all. No matter what time of day or night He will come when you call even in the darkest of nights. Lean on Him and give Him all your worries, fears, pain, frustration, and confusion. Trust Him and be patient He will answer in time. Healing takes time.”

Artwork God

I like Heaven because you can see God and you can run fast as you want. I like God because he made me.

The words of  7 yr. old Erin


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