Sister’s Wedding in Oregon

On Wednesday the family and I left Chicago and flew to Oregon for my older sister’s wedding at a Winery in Dallas, Oregon. On Thursday we all went whitewater rafting the same place we went last year when we vacationed to visit my sister. It was a blast being on the river all day hitting class 3 and 4 rapids. It was blue skies and high 80’s and 90’s from the time we arrived to today. The wedding was perfect and my sister looked beautiful. I loved her dress and knew the second she tried it on it was the one. I was her maid of honor so I got to give a fun speech unlike my very serious speech I give all the time. I called it the top ten things my sister taught me and shared many funny stories from our childhood. The winery was beautiful. She got married outside and the reception was held inside the winery. It was such a cool wedding. I have always gone to weddings in banquet halls this was a great place for a wedding. Can’t wait to see how the professional photos turnout. My sister left on her honeymoon the night of her wedding. My parents and younger sister flew back to Chicago tonight. I am writing from Portland Oregon. I am staying at my sister and brother-in-law’s place (feels weird to say brother-in-law) for the night. Then tomorrow afternoon it is on to Vancouver, Washington where I speak Wednesday morning to a crowd of around 800 people.  I come home Thursday night. Long trip I will be ready for a relaxing weekend only to be at it again next week with a trip to the state capital to meet with task force of Erin’s law then flying to Alabama to speak at a large event there.

Here is just a few photos from a wonderful trip and wedding in Oregon.


This is why I do most my traveling alone…I pretend I am not related. Kidding! I love my dad’s sense of humor.


Family ready for rafting


6 of the 8 ladies in the wedding.


This is called the elevator where if your brave enough you jump in and are pushed down the elevator. You get pulled under and have a great chance of taking in water if you don’t breath correct. It is so much fun. My dad video taped it and will post that later.


Swimming back from being pushed down the river. If you don’t start swimming towards the shore you will get pulled down the river. We had a total of 3 rafts with 8 people on each raft. It was bridal party with brides parents. Grooms Dad went until we stopped for lunch. His mom took pictures from each major rapid we hit up above. Can’t wait to see those photos.


Mom and Dad


Sometimes in life you just take risks. Would you do it? 🙂


My sister’s shower Friday morning.


Rehearsal dinner Best Man (Tim) Groom (Ian) Bride (Michelle) Maid of Honor (me)


Time to get married!


I love her dress.


Best man and maid of honor


Here comes the bride.


Dad giving his first daughter away.









Mom and Aunt Vikki


Get this party started!






Oh what a night!


Off they go on their honeymoon!

michelle's wedding

Professional photographer took this. Looks like something out of a magazine.

I love it! Can’t wait to see all the pictures he took.

Congrats to my older sister and now brother-in-law.


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