So much to say

I have so much to say about my trip to Cape Cod but I will save it for later. It is a little past 1am here and I got up at 5am my time 6am Cape Cod time this morning. My flight did not land until 9pm where I met my sister who flew in from Oregon at the airport and we drove back to the hometown together.
I also came home after giving my passionate inspiring speech to find an email that has me convinced a man from my past 16 years ago heard my letter tonight. A member of his family was going to hand deliver it and the plan was if he threw it out this family member was going to start reading it out loud. I got the chills reading that. Deep in my heart I think he has heard it and I cant express enough how amazing that feels.
I am suppose to get an email to find out what happened. I can only sit back and wonder. Wonder what he said as this letter was being read to him, the same letter I read to a packed audience in a grand ballroom today in Cape Cod.

I am turning out my lights tonight feeling a complete sense of happiness come over me. To know he has heard that voice again, a voice no longer silent due to his evil.

good night!


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