Spring Speaking Indiana First Stop

I had my first speaking engagement for my spring speaking tour of 2011 and it was a blast. I am use to traveling alone but I had company for this trip so it made for a great road trip to Indianapolis with my younger sister and friend Dan. The event was put on my Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault Conference. I am reminded every time I travel why I took this path to begin. I met some wonderful people who opened up and shared their own experiences with me and when I returned home I received several emails from participants at the conference opening up and sharing their own stories of sexual abuse as a child. Several thanking me for giving them courage. It is always a great reminder of why I do this and every trip is different from the next but there is one thing all these speaking engagements do and that is put a bright light on the pain and devastation of abuse and bring others out of darkness and give many a voice for the first time.


First trip for Spring 2011 Indianapolis, Indiana


It was a beautiful day to drive to Indiana and I had company.


Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault State Conference


I am up on state speaking at this point. I think I had their attention.


Up on stage during presentation. I am fearless when it comes to standing before crowds I don’t get nervous I get empowered. As I tell people my innocence was killed, my trust was taken, but I took back my voice.




I signed a lot of books!


Signing more


I am not tired yet!


I had a line waiting.


Writing a personal note to a survivor!


My bodyguard!


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